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16-inch footprint ‘unique to’ Bigfoot captured next to ‘stick structures’

A footprint as big as Shaq’s shoe found in Wales has led people to believe a Bigfoot is hiding in Great Britain.

People living in European countries are rather amused by the report about an extraordinary-sized footprint that’s linked to Sasquatch as these mysterious creatures are rumored to be found in the West more. However, experts have pointed out an interesting detail that supports the theory of Bigfoot.

Bigfoot in the forest
@Credit: Istvan Hernadi photograph

Except for the NBA champion, no other human is beleived to have a foot size as big as the one found in Wales. The picture was reportedly captured by a paranormal investigator amid the filming of a television series.

The tracks consisting of the mark were found in an area of woodland near Caerphilly and the filmmakers also claim to have seen a “stick structure” beside it, presumably used by Sasquatch as shelter or any other wild creature.

Experts have weighed in on the rare sighting that’s caught everybody’s attention. Canadian Sasquatch researcher, Jason Kenzie, told a local news outlet:

“It could possibly be a Sasquatch footprint. The toes are clear, but I don’t see a mid-tarsal break. The mid-tarsal break is an anatomical feature of the feet believed to be unique to Sasquatch, which is sometimes visible in its tracks.”

Before you jump to conclusions, the same researcher clarified that the structure of the feet determined from the footprint alone couldn’t confirm if they belonged to Bigfoot and neither does it prove that the mythical creatures are real.

“Unfortunately this evidence is inconclusive because nobody saw what made the footprints, but based on the size alone, it does look closer to an unknown creature than a typical human,” Jason said.

Unverified sightings of Sasquatch have become common in the recent past – last month we saw a Bigfoot in remote Colorado and most recently another footage of the mysterious creature in an Idaho forest.

But none of the videos are proven to be real and Bigfoot remains more relevant in fiction than in real life.

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