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$600 Christmas tree turns your home into a winter wonderland and it’s ‘worth the hype’

TikTok users are going gaga for a viral Christmas tree from Home Depot that costs a staggering $600.

It’s called the Grand Duchess and will turn your home into a festive wonderland – but is it actually worth the price?

Home Depot viral $600 Christmas tree
@heykatiesue TikTok.

The 9 ft. Pre-Lit LED Grand Duchess Balsam Fir Artificial Tree currently retails at $499 on the Home Depot website.

However, lots of people online are claiming they bought it for $100 more so it looks like there has been a price change.

“Turn your space into a winter wonderland,” the description says. “The Balsam fir artificial tree serves as a focal point of your holiday decor.”

It’s a pre-lit tree with 3,400 color-changing LEDs, a remote control with 10 different light functions and memory wire branch tips.

The artificial option adds an elegant touch to any home for the Christmas season with its magical twinkling lights.

TikTok users are in love with the tree and think the cost is totally justified.

One person wrote: “I was influenced to buy the viral Home Depot tree and I’m obsessed.”

“Is it worth the hype… ABSOLUTELY,” said another.

A third person added: “We bought it before we knew it was viral and she does not disappoint.”

“IT’S SO PERFECT,” someone else wrote.

The only complaint people have is that the LEDs are a little too bright, so those sensitive to light may not enjoy the tree.

If 9 ft. isn’t right for your space, the viral tree also comes into two other sizes: 7.5 ft at $349 and 12 ft. at $899.

The 7.5-ft. artificial balsam Christmas tree has 3,271 branch tips and is complete with 2,250 color-changing LEDs.

If you want to go for the biggest option, the 12 ft. tree has a whopping 4 ,200 lights and 7,647-tips to hang ornaments.

TikTok users are also going crazy for a festive candle from Homegoods which has wax Christmas trees on top.

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