Abena Korkor’s Private Video Viral on Twitter, Telegram, Sparks Outrage

The well-known TV presenter Abena Korkor has become the center of a major controversy after her private video was leaked on the internet. Formerly a presenter with TV3, her life was dramatically affected as the video went viral online. As soon as it was leaked, it rapidly spread across various social media platforms, catching the attention of many.

Let’s explore further into this story to understand how the prominent TV personality from Ghana found herself embroiled in this leaked video scandal. Continue reading for more details.

Disclaimer: This content respects individual privacy and ethical standards. We strongly condemn the unauthorized sharing or publicizing of private videos without consent. Such actions violate personal rights and can cause significant harm. We urge everyone to respect privacy and uphold ethical conduct in handling sensitive personal materials.

As mentioned above, Abena Korkor is a famous TV presenter, actress, and media personality from Ghana. She was earlier associated with TV3.

TV3 Presenter Abena Korkor's private video leaked on Telegram and Twitter
Credit: @fashionbyabk/Instagram

Nana Abena Korkor, widely recognized for her role as the host of “Ladies Circle” on TV3, faced a significant career setback when her contract was terminated. This decision was largely influenced by her bold and provocative private images leak.

This incident was not her first encounter with controversy. Previously, in 2016, Abena Korkor was thrust into the national spotlight under less-than-ideal circumstances when her nude photos were leaked and widely circulated online, drawing extensive media attention and public scrutiny.

Abena Korkor’s career experienced a significant shift following her diagnosis with Bipolar Disorder, leading to her undergoing treatment at Accra Psychiatric Hospital. She embraced this challenging period as an opportunity to raise awareness about the struggles and challenges associated with the diagnosis. Her journey has since become a source of inspiration and education for many.

In 2021, Abena Korkor faced a turning point in her career when she was removed from her show, ‘Ladies Circle’ on TV3, which thrust her into the center of controversy. She openly discussed the reasons behind her termination, candidly addressing the influence of her bipolar disorder in the situation. Her transparency brought a unique perspective to the discussion around mental health in professional environments.

The latest video leak is garnering the attention of netizens on social media platforms like twitter, reddit and tiktok. The video has grabbed thousands of clicks and views on the internet.

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Attribute Details
Full Name Nana Abena Korkor Addo
Date of Birth 30 January 1990
Nationality Ghanaian-British
Education – Primary & Secondary: Aburi Girls Senior High and St. Paul’s Methodist Preparatory
– University: Studied Biology at University of Ghana; Degree in Biomedical and Forensic Science at UCC
Career Media Personality, Mental Health Advocate, Former Host of Ladies’ Circle on TV3 Ghana
Mental Health Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, Treated at Accra Psychiatric Hospital
Advocacy Founded “Psycho-Social Africa”, focused on mental health awareness
Controversies – Shared X-rated content and topless photos and videos online
– Identified public figures she was involved with
Social Media Incident Instagram page canceled due to nudity
Relationship Status Unmarried, currently in a stable partnership
Family Daughter of a British father and a Ghanaian mother, one younger brother
Net Worth Estimated around $100,000

  1. Abena Korkor is a Ghanaian-British media personality, mental health advocate, and former host of “Ladies Circle” on TV3 Ghana.

  2. She became a topic of discussion due to a private video leak that went viral on social media.

  3. Yes, she faced controversy in 2016 with a leak of her nude photos and again in 2021 when she was removed from TV3.

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