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Actor Chandra Mohan Death Cause And Obituary: Health 2023

Explore the details surrounding Chandra Mohan death, a sad moment for the Telugu film industry. Learn about the final rites and the industry’s mourning for the legendary actor.

Today marks the sad passing of veteran actor Mallampalli Chandra Mohan, who breathed his last at 82.

The renowned actor, acclaimed for his illustrious career, succumbed to heart-related ailments at 9.45 am in a private hospital in Jubilee Hills.

Chandra Mohan, a recipient of numerous Nandi awards, commenced his cinematic journey in 1966 with “Rangula Ratnam.”

His legacy is imprinted with a stellar repertoire of performances alongside leading actresses like Sridevi, Jayaprada, and Jayasudha.

As the curtain falls on his remarkable life, Chandra Mohan’s contributions to Indian cinema linger on, etched in the hearts of his admirers.

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Actor Chandra Mohan Death Cause And Health 2023

The film industry mourns the loss of veteran actor Chandramohan, who died today at 82.

His demise occurred due to a sudden cardiac arrest at Hyderabad Apollo Hospital around 9:45 am.

Chandramohan, survived by his wife Jalandhara, a renowned writer, and two daughters, leaves a legacy of impactful performances.

Introduced to the Telugu film scene with “Rangula Ratnam” in 1966, Chandra Mohan’s acting prowess earned him the esteemed state Nandi Award for Best Actor.

A stalwart in low-budget films during the 1970s and 1980s, he gained a reputation as a reliable lead actor.

Hospitalized at Hyderabad’s Apollo Hospital for heart-related issues, Mohan passed away at 9:45 am. (Image Source: India Today)

An interesting sentiment surrounded him, as actresses debuting or working with him often found greater fame in their careers, exemplified by the success stories of Sridevi, Jayaprada, and Radhika.

His notable works in films like “Padaharella Vayasu” (1978) and “Siri Siri Muvva” (1978) garnered him the Filmfare Best Actor Award (Telugu).

Adding to his accolades, Chandra Mohan also received Nandi Awards for Best Character Actor in “Chandamama Raave” (1987) and Best Comedian in “Athanokkade” (2005).

Chandra Mohan’s contributions to Telugu cinema extend beyond his on-screen presence, influencing the trajectories of budding actresses and earning him the admiration of audiences.

His sudden departure leaves a void in the industry, but his legacy as a versatile and accomplished actor lives on.

Chandra Mohan Obituary: Telugu Film Industry Mourns

The Telugu film industry is engulfed in grief as it bids a sad farewell to the legendary actor Chandramohan.

Having left an indelible mark on the cinematic landscape, Chandramohan, aged 82, succumbed to a sudden cardiac arrest at Hyderabad Apollo Hospital on Monday morning.

Survived by his wife, Jalandhara, and two daughters, Chandramohan’s demise marks the end of an era in Telugu cinema.

His cinematic journey commenced with the film “Rangula Ratnam” in 1966, earning him the prestigious state Nandi Award for Best Actor.

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, he proved to be a dependable lead actor in low-budget films, influencing the trajectories of budding actresses, including luminaries like Sridevi, Jayaprada, and Radhika.

Chandra Mohan Obituary
We extend our deepest sympathy to Chandra Mohan’s friends and family grieving the loss. (Image Source: OTTPlay)

The final rites to bid farewell to the beloved actor are slated to occur in Hyderabad.

On this poignant occasion, friends, family, and fans will converge to pay their respects, commemorating Chandramohan’s contributions to Telugu cinema.

His versatile performances, coupled with his amiable persona, have left an enduring impact on the hearts of cinephiles and colleagues alike.

As the industry mourns the loss of a stalwart, Chandramohan’s legacy lives on, celebrated in the reels of countless films and the collective memory of those who admired his artistry.

The void left by his departure is profound, but the echoes of his talent resonate in the cinematic tapestry he helped shape.

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