Alabama Woman With Double Uterus Pregnant In Rare Incident

A heartwarming story has come to light where an Alabama woman, born with two uteri and two cervixes, learns that she is pregnant in both. The woman, identified as Kelsey Hatcher, and her husband, Caleb, are a family of five, and they thought their family was complete until Kelsey realised that they were expecting a girl in each of them in the spring. Kelsey Hatcher and Caleb are already parents to three children aged 7, 4, and 2, and her due date for the new additions is later this year on the auspicious occasion of Christmas.

When Kelsey went for her first ultrasound appointment, she got to know that she was carrying a baby in each of her uterus. She needed to pass this good news along to Caleb. Speaking to WVTM13, Kelsey shared that when she informed her husband that there’s two of them in there, her husband said, ‘You’re lying.’ I said, ‘No, I’m not.”

Kelsey’s obstetrician wasn’t shocked that she’s having two babies, but what shocked her was the fact that she has a double uterus—two functional uteri, and she has a baby in each of them.

Dr Shweta Patel, a specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology, explained to WVTM that Kelsey’s situation was so rare that the doctors did not have a better way to refer to the two babies. “Very, very rare. Obstetrics /GYNs go their whole careers without seeing anything like this.”

Elaborating further, the doctor said that Kelsey has known about her physical oddity for a while and she knows it’s pretty rare. That’s why her pregnancies are considered high-risk.

Explaining about Kelsey’s condition, UAB Dr Richard Davis, who specializes in high-risk pregnancies, spoke with WVTM 13 and said that, “A double cervix or double uteruses way under 1 percent, maybe three per 1,000 women might have that. And the chances of you having a twin in each uterus is really crazy.”

As per the Mayo Clinic, a double uterus, or double cervix, is a rare condition present at birth in some women that occurs when the foetus grows and the two small tubes typically join to form the uterus.

“Sometimes the two small tubes don’t join completely and each one develops into a separate organ. A double uterus may have one opening into one vagina known as the cervix. In some cases, each uterus has its own cervix,” the Mayo clinic concluded.

What an amazing present the Hatchers have on Christmas!

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