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Andrew Price Wife: Firefighter Married Life And Children

Who was Andrew Price wife and children? Find out about his married life and the life journey.

Andrew Price was a firefighter who has been part of the Chicago Fire Department since 2009. Drew popularly knew him among his friends and colleagues.

Andrew was a responsible and lovely man who was a light of sunshine and had never been bad to anybody around him. Thus, Andrew was popular among the firefighter’s colleagues.

Such a humble gentleman died a tragic death on Monday, 13 November 2023, after falling through a light shaft at 2430-32 N. Lincoln Ave., which houses the Lincoln Station bar and grill and apartments.

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Andrew Price Wife And Children: Loss Of The Pillar Of Family

Andrew Price was thirty-nine at the time of his death and was a married man with children. He is more likely a family man and a responsible father.

Similarly, Andrew’s love for his wife is also remarkable. One fellow firefighter reported in the media that Drew’s love for family is more than anything. He often talks to his wife and children whenever he gets breaks from work.

Similarly, Andrew Price wife and children also visit his office when they want to. His friends described Andrew Price wife as a decent and elegant lady with a competent personality.

Andrew Price and his wife often went to family picnics and holidays whenever Andrew was free from work. However, it was frequently interrupted by emergency calls and fire alarms from the Chicago Fire Department, i.e., Andrew Price’s duty calls.

Andrew Price Wife
In figure: Andrew Price with his friends and wife. (Source: Facebook )

On 13 November 2023, Andrew Price was also on duty and was helping the people to be saved from the fire. Unfortunately, he fell into a light hole and got wrecked by the debris of the building.

Andrew Price was sent to the hospital in critical condition but lost his life on the way to the hospital and treatment.

This news has sent tremendous shockwaves to his family and friends. We could not even imagine what Andrew Price wife and children were going through.

May god give them enough strength to cope with the loss and stand firm in such a situation.

Andrew Price Accident And Death: Family Mourns The Loss

On 13 November 2023, a fire started in the four-story building, two doors down from Lincoln Hall and directly across the street from the historic Biograph Theater.

As per the initial reports, the fire was started before 6:00 am. When the Chicago Fire Department received the news, about 150 firefighters were sent to the fire scene for rescue.

Initially, it was reported a fire in a kitchen, but firefighters found smoke at the back of the building while operating. Following that, the fire was contained and the building was evacuated.

Andrew Price Wife
In figure: Andrew Price with his loving son. (Source: Facebook)

Then, Price, with other firefighters, went on the roof to extinguish hot spots and open up the top. That’s when the Price fell off and landed at the bottom of the building.

Crews were able to get to him by breaching the wall after many efforts. He received CPR on the spot before being sent in “very serious” condition to Illinois Masonic Medical Center.

Later, Andrew Price passed away from the injuries of fire and accident.

Andrew’s family is mourning his death and remembering his legacy as a responsible firefighter, husband, father, and friend.

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