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Arrest Video of Alex Galchenyuk Threatening Arizona Officers Viral on Twitter, Reddit

Recently a shocking video has surfaced that features Alex Galchenyuk, the former Montreal Canadiens player. Alex Galchenyuk can be spotted threatening to kill two police officers from Arizona. Not only the police officers, rather Alex threatened to kill their families as well. This incident surfaced last summer, following Alex’s arrest.

Alex Galchenyuk crashed a car into the sign, as per the reports given by the Scottsdale Police Department. The report also states that the behavior of Galchenyuk was aggressive and erratic. Initially, Alex resisted getting handcuffed. Officers put their efforts which was opposed by Alex. Furthermore, as per the report, Alex was constantly uttering a racial slur when he was on his way to the Jail.

While getting handcuffed, Galchenyuk could be heard saying, “One phone call and you’re dead. Your whole bloodline is dead.” Alex was citing connections in Moscow, which could be heard in the video.

Viral Video of Alex Galchenyuk, Former Montreal Canadiens Player Threatening Arizona Officers Surfaced On Internet

As per confirmation by the Police, various charges on Alex involve intimidating or threatening the police officials in training, resisting arrest, failure to obey, disorderly conduct, and private property hit-and-run. Following the incident, Galchenyuk later apologized to the police officials and the entire team for his ill behavior in a tweet. He showed an apology for his disrespectful and despicable behavior.

In the tweet, he wrote, “I am deeply ashamed of my recent behavior and I am beyond sorry to everyone I offended and hurt,” he wrote. “It was uncalled for, it was horrific and it has ruined this great new opportunity I was given by the Coyotes. I am beyond embarrassed and disappointed with myself and I feel awful for everyone I have let down.”

In 2012, Alex Galchenyuk was tagged as the youngest player who played a full season with the Habs since 1984. In 2012, by the Montreal Canadiens, he was drafted third overall. In exchange for Max Domi, Alex Galchenyuk was traded in 2018 by the team.

Alex’s arrest led to the termination of the contract. The Coyotes put Alex Galchenyuk on unconditional waivers. Currently, Alex Galchenyuk plays in Russia’s KHL for SKA Saint Petersburg.

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