Australian Man Shares A Heartfelt Post As Wife Miraculously Survive Brutal Shark Attack

An Australian woman named Bridgette O’Shannessy experienced a harrowing encounter last week when she was bitten on the face by a shark while free diving in Adelaide, Australia. As per 7 News, her dive partner and husband Brian Gordon Roberts bravely pushed the shark away and applied pressure on her wounds. Reports reveal that she had to undergo immediate surgery to remove her teeth from the skull. Fortunately, an off duty lifeguard Ray Tomlinson was present on the beach and he rushed to help after hearing Roberts’ scream for help.

Bridgette, who is environmental consultant and research assistant with the Great Australian Bight Right Whale Study, was rushed to Flinders Medical Centre for surgery. In a social media post, Roberts wrote, “Unfortunately Bridgette was hit by a white pointer at Port Noarlunga reef yesterday. She’s out of theatre now in ICU and in a stable condition. She’s doing really well considering the circumstances.” Further, he expressed gratitude to social media users for their support and mentioned that he had been passing their motivational messages to her.

Reportedly, Bridgette O’Shannessy will remain in the hospital after undergoing two surgeries as a result of multiple injuries and nerve damage due to shark attack. Following the procedure, she will have to dedicate the next few days for her recovery.

Meanwhile, in a conversation with 9 News, lifeguard Ray Tomlinson recalled, “I basically went over to assist getting the craft up onto the beach and securing it, at which time I realised there was a patient in the boat. He (Brian Gordon Roberts) had applied pressure for quite a while and the patient wasn’t in any stress. When I could see a small amount of blood, I actually assumed it was a fall or a grazing on the reef. I certainly wouldn’t have thought it was a major shark attack.”

Bridgette O’Shannessy’s family feels she’ll fully recover very soon despite multiple surgeries. They also consider themselves fortunate as her husband, Brian Gordon Roberts has been by her side throughout the entire process. Meanwhile, at Port Noarlunga, police along with other emergency services conducted several rounds of search near the beach and evacuated the area. But they were unsuccessful in finding the shark that attacked the woman.

Following the operation, people were later allowed to return to the water as the search was concluded without locating the shark. According to reports, Bridgette became the fourth person who was attacked by a shark in South Australia this year.

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