Australian Woman Discovers Stranger Things Like Fungus Under Floorboards

A Melbourne resident named Hannah Sycamore recently turned to social media seeking answers about a mysterious discovery she made beneath the floorboards. Photos of the mysterious growth, looking like the eerie Upside Down from Stranger Things stirred curiosity among the members of Australia and New Zealand Fungus Identification Facebook page. On the page, people typically share pictures of mushrooms and similar objects, but this black fungus is a unique find. Social media users offered numerous theories, while others shared their humorous response as they speculated the mystery behind the black growth.

The woman talking to Yahoo News, explained that she had taken up the task of removing the floor for a friend. The friend had recently lifted the wet floorboards and found the strange mass beneath. Surprised by the unusual sight, Hannah decided to take help of fungus enthusiasts on the Facebook page and she asked, “Any ideas what this is?” The photos show the entire floor looking like it’s covered in black spider web.

Since Hannah Sycamore posted her query, it received mixed reaction. The majority of responses leaned towards humour, as they referred to Stranger Things. However, some individuals stepped forward to provide genuine help and offered details about the true mystery of the fungus.

A user wrote, “You’ve opened the upside down.”

Another suggested, “Its either black mold or tree roots of some sort.”

“Abstract art,” a comment read.

An individual stated, “I’m genuinely terrified.”

Another asked, “Stranger things season 5?”

One suggested, “Not a slime mold. A black mold is possible. But these look like the bootlace Rhizomorph of Armillaria. Do you have trees outside this house? Suggest the melanised hyphae have run along roots under the house and then up into the structure. It’s probably something you need to get a structural engineer to look at.”

Meanwhile, an expert from the state herbarium in Brisbane shared, “It’s a new one to me too. Certainly doesn’t look like a traditional mould. The only thing I know that looks remotely like that are the rhizomorphs of Armillaria (honey fungi), but that doesn’t make a lot of sense.” On the other hand, Elizabeth Aitken, a Professor in Plant Pathology at the University of Queensland suggested that the fungus resembled the rhizomorphs of a wood rot fungus. However, to accurately identify the specific type of fungus, whether it is the dry rot fungus or another variety, further investigation such as taking samples or consulting with a timber specialist is necessary.

Earlier, the internet was stunned by a strange red fungus discovered beneath a fire hydrant. The appearance led many to draw comparisons to a fungus featured in HBO’s The Last of Us.

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