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Bengaluru Woman Molested by Bike Rider on Main Road, Reddit Post Concerns Locals

In a Reddit post that has now gone viral, a user shared a shocking incident involving his girlfriend’s unsettling encounter with a bike rider in Bengaluru. The account, posted on the ‘Bangalore’ subreddit by @Roebro17, narrated the shocking moment when his girlfriend and her friend were walking on a busy road pavement. According to the user, a passing guy on a scooter abruptly spanked her and fled the scene. Since being shared, the post has garnered attention, shedding light on the concerning issue of women enduring such distressing encounters in public.

“Yesterday my girlfriend(25) and her friend(25F) were heading towards National College Metro from VV puram food street around 10PM. She was walking near the pavement and out of nowhere a guy zoomed past her in a scooter spanking her really hard,” began the now-viral Reddit post. The narrative continued to describe the girlfriend’s initial confusion, mistaking the impact for a mere collision with the scooter, only to realise that the man on the scooter had intentionally struck her. Disturbed by the incident, they (she and her friend) opted for an auto-rickshaw to return home.

“This happened in the MAIN road and it wasn’t even very late that there weren’t any other vehicles around. I was disturbed when she told me about this incident. She couldn’t note down the vehicle number or check if cameras were around because she was in a complete state of shock. She cried after she got back home and had the light on the entire night whilst trying to sleep,” shared the OP in frustration, questioning the safety of the city.

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“Is this how unsafe this city has become? Could anything be done to nab this asshole who can easily assault other women like this again fearlessly? Absolutely pathetic.”

Here’s the Post:

The post quickly garnered attention, with comments pouring in. One user shared a similar experience, highlighting, “This has happened with many girls and women. Most of us are not even aware most of the time.i was shocked when one of my relatives described how bad it is and she has faced exact similar situation over and many such incidents in Bangalore.” Another suggested, “Give a police complaint, there is no area which is free from CCTV cameras, if the person was wearing specific dress code, it will be easy to find out.”

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Are these incidents not enough to scream for immediate action to tackle the escalating safety concerns for women in our public spaces?

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