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Bishop Sedgwick Daniels, General Board Member of the COGIC, Tragically Passed Away – RDCNews

Bishop Sedgwick Daniels, a General Board Member of the COGIC and the pastor of Holy Redeemer COGIC, passed away on Sunday following a medical emergency. His passing leaves an emptiness that extends beyond the walls of the church. Let’s delve into the life, achievements, and impact Bishop Daniels had on his community.

Bishop Sedgwick Daniels, born on August 16, 1959, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was the second youngest of eight children to John and Kathleen Daniels. His commitment to community service was evident early on, as he became a City of Milwaukee Plan Commissioner and notably the first Protestant to serve on the board of the Catholic Central City Schools.

Collaborating with Antonio Riley and the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority, Bishop Daniels contributed to various projects, such as the development of a senior housing complex and the promotion of home ownership in Milwaukee.

In 2001, Bishop Gilbert E. Patterson and the COGIC General Board recognized Daniels’ leadership qualities and promoted him to the position of Bishop. His jurisdiction covered approximately 105 Institutional Church of God congregations in Wisconsin and northern Illinois. During his tenure, Holy Redeemer Institutional Church of God in Christ, his home church, transformed into a multi-million-dollar organization, addressing educational and social service needs in the Milwaukee community.

In 2002, during the Bush Administration’s faith-based group conferences, President George W. Bush and Deputy Director of the Office of Faith-Based Initiatives, David Kuo, visited Daniels’ Holy Redeemer Church. Despite being a political independent, Daniels made a controversial endorsement of Bush two years later, citing the faith-based program as a contributing factor. Until his untimely passing, Bishop Daniels remained the Pastor of Holy Redeemer Institutional Church of God in Christ.

Christian families in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, are currently in a state of mourning following the passing of Bishop Sedgwick Daniels on Sunday. At this time, the exact details surrounding the circumstances of his death have not been made public. The general public is assured that information regarding his passing and the circumstances leading to it will be shared as soon as it becomes available. The confirmation of Bishop Daniel’s passing was made by the Church of God In Christ, Inc. through a heartfelt tribute post, expressing their condolences and marking a moment of reflection for the community.

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The numerous tributes on social media reflect the profound impact that Bishop Daniels had on both individuals and the community.

Shamond Scales wrote a heartfelt message on their Facebook post. He wrote, “I have to admit I am incredibly upset about this and had a hard time resting last night. Bishop Sedgwick Daniels was incredible. He afforded me so many opportunities with no strings attached. Whether it was preaching, teaching a class, or just bringing me in to lead prayer…I am grateful for every opportunity. The first time I went to preach for him, he located some family members that I did not know I had that lived right in Wisconsin. I didn’t know that I had deep deep COGIC roots in my family but thanks to Bishop Daniels I connected with them . The last time I was with him we were spending time at Universal Studios and Disney World this year. And to watch how he cared and loved his students and be the giant of an ecumenical leader all at the same time was inspirational for me. Rest in Power to one of my greatest inspirations.”

Bridgette Hurt wrote a heartfelt message on their Facebook post. He wrote, “Bishop Sedgwick Daniels was such a great, loving, caring man. He was also very humorous and down to earth. Bishop Daniels was one of the first calls I received when my father passed away. I was too broken to talk, so I text him and he responded right back. He really really cared. He text me, “I’m here for you, just as I was for your father.” Wow wow wow!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad I don’t delete stuff. I have precious memories to reflect on, of a caring Bishop. You will be missed. I’m praying for his loving sister, family and church family. Another great one gone”

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