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Bizarre fight unfolds between famous YouTuber and ‘Raphael’ from Teenage Mutant Titles

Social media users around the world have been left aghast by the scenes that have unfolded over the last week, as Dream‘s viral fight vs Nicolas Cantu, the voice actor who plays Watterson on Gumball, got rather ugly. Cantu, or Gumball as he is often referred to thanks to his role on the show, opted to double down on his outrageous statements in a now-viral stream of tweets.

The altercation between Dream and Cantu first erupted on Twitter when the Gumball actor hit out at the YouTube star on October 16, while responding to a parody account not affiliated with the previously anonymous gamer.

Dream, after pointing out that Cantu wasn’t replying to a legitimate profile, proceeded to make a number of serious allegations about incidents that had occurred at an event they both attended and in an Uber that the pair were said to have been sharing shortly after.

Cantu, who did concede that he had “slapboxed” Dream and was rude to an Uber driver thereafter, refused to apologize for his behavior, instead opting to double down on the claims made by Dream.

Dream then responded by posting a video over two minutes long, in which Cantu appears to be making a number of offensive statements, thus prompting an internet-wide response to the fight now known as Dream vs Gumball Watterson.

Though Dream has been quiet on Twitter since posting the video beyond providing an additional string of tweets with added context, Cantu has taken his opportunity in the limelight to unapologetically post a selection of outrageous memes about the situation.

After uploading a screenshot revealing that he had been blocked by Dream, Cantu proceeded to post a video of a horse being ridden through the countryside, captioned “Clearing my head after winning yet another debate.”

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Continuing to then retweet a number of memes about the fight vs Dream, Cantu ‘Gumball’ uploaded a rather bizarre video to YouTube titled Surf Compilation for Winners. The purpose of the three-minute video, which showed a seemingly random collection of surfing clips, was unclear.

Cantu did eventually wind down from posting about his altercation with Dream and, at the time of writing on November 20, he has not tweeted about the situation since November 17.

With that being said, the internet is still awash with new posts and memes about the pair’s argument, as netizens from across the globe continue to unpick the various allegations each of the viral stars made against the other.

While Dream appears to have removed himself from the social media sparring match, we may well see a Cantu-led reignition of the beef in the coming days.

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