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Bizarre new pulsating effect on Snapchat messages doesn’t mean the person is active

Snapchat users are confused as the ‘delivered’ sign has suddenly started flashing on many accounts.

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The word ‘delivered’ flashes after you send a message to let you know that it has delivered to the friend successfully.

“When the word ‘delivered’ is flashing on Snapchat, it means that the Snap you sent has been successfully delivered to the recipient,” Snapchat’s chatbot My AI confirmed.

“It’s just a way of letting you know that your Snap has reached its destination.”

Other words also flash including ‘recieved’, ‘opened’ and ‘new Snap’ to show that the action has been completed.

My AI responds to question about 'delivered' flashing on Snapchat
My AI | Snapchat

A rumor is spreading online that the flashing means the person is currently active on the app and not opening your message.

However, that isn’t true. The pulsating feature doesn’t mean the recipient is half-swiping the message either.

This misinformation went viral in October after a TikTok user said: “Snapchat has just brought out the most intersting little thing.”

“If you sent someone a Snapchat message and it’s flashing when it says ‘delivered’, it means that they’re actively on the app using it,” she continued.

The video got more than 2.4 million views and riled everyone up in the comments as people thought it was true.

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