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Brandon Alexander Missing, Riverview FL, Help Find Brandon Alexander

Brandon Alexander Missing – Brandon Alexander, 26, vanished from his place of residence in Riverview, Florida, on February 24, 2023. It is alleged that his flatmate abandoned him 600 yards from his mother’s residence. Regrettably, the flatmate has severed all communication with the mother of the victim and ceased cooperating with the police. Sheena, the mother of Alexander, contacted his roommate to inquire about her son’s whereabouts in late February when she had not heard from him for a couple of days. Regrettably, this roommate has a propensity to lie, and he informed her that Alexander had not been seen or heard from since he was dropped off a few houses away from her residence a few days prior.

Despite Sheena perceiving this as peculiar, given that he would frequently meet him at her entryway or even enter the house with him, she decided to file a missing person’s report on his account. Regrettably, upon her inquiry, law enforcement personnel informed her that their prompt intervention was constrained by the fact that Alexander was an adult, requiring only a welfare check. Although the investigation spanned three days due to their assertion that the flatmate had not occupied the premises for the previous two days, they relayed the same information to her that he had provided, with the exception that they refrained from entering and searching the apartment after locating the flatmate in the driveway. As a result, they only engaged in conversation with him before departing.

This infuriated Sheena, and she expressed her dissatisfaction with their handling of the situation, believing that he was responsible for it. She decided to take matters into her own hands by distributing flyers for a missing person as a result of this ineffective action. The flatmate subsequently severed ties with her after calling her and questioning why she had told the police that he was involved when he had nothing to do with it. Since then, neither she nor the police have received any communication from him, and Alexander has yet to be located. Please contact the police with any relevant information. Your gratitude is appreciated.

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