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Carlton Pearson Wife: Who Was His Spouse Before His Passing?

Before his death, many were curious to know who Carlton Pearson wife was and the role she played in his life and journey.

Bishop Carlton Pearson was married to Gina Marie Gauthier before his passing. 

They tied the knot in 1993 and built a family together, welcoming a son named Julian and a daughter named Majestè. 

Following her path, Gina has become a life coach, inspiring others to lead a P.H.I.T. (Physiologically Healed, Internally Transformed) lifestyle.

Despite their history, the couple faced challenges, and reports suggest they filed for divorce in 2015. 

However, specific details about when the divorce was officially finalized remain unclear. 

This chapter in their lives indicates the complexities that relationships can bring, even for public figures like Bishop Carlton Pearson and Gina Marie Gauthier.

While Bishop Carlton Pearson is remembered for his religious contributions.

Gina has ventured into a career focused on uplifting others through a holistic approach to well-being. 

The uncertainty surrounding the timeline of their divorce adds a layer of mystery to their story, leaving room for speculation and reflection on the intricacies of their journey.

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Gina Marie Gauthier, born in 1961 in Lake Charles, Louisiana, gained prominence after marrying Pearson in 1993. 

Despite the divorce, she maintains a remarkable career as a life coach. 

Her Instagram bio on her page, @phit4livinglife, shows her as a “transformational consultant and spiritual life coach encouraging others to live a P.H.I.T. lifestyle.

According to, Gauthier studied psychology and business administration at Louisiana State University. 

She previously worked as the constituent services director for Rep. William Jefferson. 

Gauthier filed for divorce from Pearson in 2015, but it is unclear when it was finalized.

Gina and Carlton Pearson had two children together. Their daughter, Majestè Amour Pearson, is a rising star in the entertainment industry. 

She released her Christian song, “Trust in Me,” in 2023 and is currently working on her debut album. 

Majestè made her national television debut in 2018 on Season 2 of The Four on Fox. 

According to her YouTube channel @majesteamourpearson8516, she is an artist, activist, and healer.

Who thanks her spiritual and musical mentors for helping her fulfill her destiny.

The couple’s son, Julian D’Metrius Pearson, was born on July 9, 1994, and recently celebrated his 28th birthday. 

Carlton took to Facebook to share a 2016 birthday tribute to his son, describing their “close” relationship. 

Julian remains relatively private, with little public information available.

Carlton Pearson was single at the time of his death. 

The preacher had been married twice before, first to his high school sweetheart, Debra Benton, and then to Gina Marie Gauthier. 

Despite these marriages, Pearson remained unattached to any romantic partner at the time of his passing.

Bishop Carlton Pearson, who was well-known and founded the Higher Dimensions Family Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, passed away at 70.

The exact reason for his passing was not shared.

Many people, including famous religious leaders like T.D. Jake and his family and friends felt sad about his death. 

Even though Bishop Pearson faced some challenges and disagreements in his later years, people will never forget his positive impact on the religious community. 

The church he started in 1981 was essential to many people’s lives. 

Bishop Pearson’s contributions and influence in the religious world will be remembered and cherished.

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