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‘Cat got hamster pregnant’ theory justifying ‘mysterious’ baby ‘Camsters’ defies all logic

A viral video featuring a baby hamster resembling a domestic cat that lives in the same house has pushed people to consider the possibility of the latter getting the mother hamster pregnant.

It seems users are determined to prove that the two species can breed thanks to the adorable “Camster” or “Hat” babies that are too cute to handle. As much as we enjoy watching the little furry babies, the theory that cats can get hamsters pregnant needs to be put to rest.

Mesocricetus auratus (golden hamster, Syrian hamster) - approaching a cat
@Credit: Paul Starosta/Image from Getty

A lot of TikTok users are asking – can a cat get a hamster pregnant? The answer is no.

Some may dismiss the question as illogical, but we believe the viral video of the much-talked-about baby hamsters may change your opinion.

The TikTok account @fiestyrachet documents the birth of a litter that belongs to the content creator’s hamster, which lives with a domestic cat.

The baby hamsters looked like gummy bears at first, but their fur started to develop colors and texture in no time, and much to our disbelief, two of the baby hamsters ended up looking just like the cat!

The owner of both animals also claims the male hamster never came “close” to the female hamster, thus implying that the former can’t be the father of the babies.

The initial video featuring the baby hamster with a coat similar to the cat came with a caption that implies the two animals could have possibly mated.

The overlay text on the viral video with more than 34 million views states: “When you thought your hamster and cat were just ‘playing’ in corners but your hamster suddenly falls pregnant and produces a mysterious child.”

The two hamsters resembling the cat more than their mother or actual father may have carried genes different than their siblings to look unique. But, the justification offered by some users that cats and hamsters can reproduce is simply ridiculous.

Moreover, a few have added to the confusion by sharing screenshots of responses from websites like Quora and Reddit, where unverified sources have made wild claims about the two animals producing babies together.

The misconception stems from the caption for the viral video which states: “Is there anything in scientific literature that says a hamster and cat can have babies? She gave birth to a baby that looks just like my cat!”

There is no evidence that cats and hamsters have bred with creatures outside their species for one to believe the above speculations to be true.

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