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CAUSE OF DEATH: Gay man, Khristian Karter, has died after his friend, Jayyeking, gave him fake perc pills

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Khristian Karter has died after his friend, Jayyeking, gave him fake percs pills. 

Khristian Karter was found naked in his bed yesterday morning at 7am, the police wasn’t called till 5pm but
Jayyeking knew by noon and he called his friends to his home before calling the police.

Later that night Khristian Karter text his friends and let them know that Jayyeking was giving him a perc even tho Jayyeking__ denied giving him the drug. Sources say Jayyeking is known for taking multiple percs.
Allegedly sources also said Jayyeking said he felt Khristian Karter body and it was cold thats how he knew Khristian Karter was dead.
Sources also said Blessatl was with JayyekinG the night of.
Jayyeking told the detectives his brother name aka Jordan king instead of his name.
Jayyeking said he didn’t give KHAristiank
 Karter a perc but Khristian Karter messaged all of his friends and said he was taken a perc
The family and friends have brought it to our attention and is seeking answers!

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