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Chinese Man Lives Secretly Under Mall Staircase For Six Months, Arrested

In what comes as a bizarre incident, a Chinese man successfully transformed a mall into his residence, managing to distract the security for a period of six months. The man’s identity remains anonymous as of now. He ingeniously set up a tent, table, computer, and chair under a staircase. A video that recently went viral showed a mysterious individual emerging from his dwelling to charge electronic devices using the shopping centre’s outlets.

According to the reports, the security personnel had discovered the unauthorised lodger months ago. However, he permitted him to stay.

He accepted the explanation that he needed a quiet “place to study.”

However, this set up came to an abrupt end on October 30 when another mall security guard discovered and arrested him.

This is not the first time that such an incident has taken place. In the US, in 2007, artist Michael Townsend’s arrest made headlines after he squatted inside a Rhode Island shopping mall for as long as four years.

Townsend, conducting an art project on mall life, managed to outsmart security by constructing an underground bunker in the centre’s parking garage, complete with China dishware and a Playstation 2.

Meanwhile, earlier, a video that went viral showed an unknown man swiftly manoeuvring through the mall all while escaping a security officer. According to the New York Post, the incident occurred at the Guadalajara mall in Mexico. The fan is seen running at full speed with a large cut-out poster of the Eras Tour concert film. With a security official on his tail, the man sprints down an escalator. The pursuit continues until the fan disappears from the camera frame. It is suggested the shoppers at the mall were heard cheering for the man. The clip was initially shared on TikTok, where it garnered over nineteen million views.

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