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Delhi Cafes Hiring Girls to Scam? Journalist Duped By Woman He Met On Bumble

A Delhi based journalist was allegedly scammed after he met a woman on a dating app and went on a date with her. He paid a bill of over Rs. 15,000 at one of the restaurants in Delhi’s Rajouri Garden. The journalist alleged that he was approached by a girl on Bumble and asked to meet at Rajouri Garden. He agreed to The woman then took him to a bar and ordered a few drinks for herself after which he received a bill of Rs. 15,886.

‘X’ user Archit Gupta took to the micro blogging site and shared that after he paid the bill, the woman left the bar claiming that she was going with her brother and was not reachable after that. The journalist then understood that he was scammed by the girl.

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The journalist took to ‘X’ and wrote, “Fraud Alert- Incident Date: 10.11.2023. I am 25 and single. I thought, let’s take a chance on Bumble and see if there is a genuine person to date. He shared many such incidents which have become common.

In the caption, he wrote, “Fraud Alert: Met a girl on @bumble, went to The Race Lounge & Bar in Rajouri Garden. She ordered drinks and the bill was Rs 15,886. Realised it was a scam. Discovered many people are scammed. @Cyberdost 1930 not working, @DelhiPolice please take action.”

Here, have a look at the viral post:

Such incidents have become common not just in the capital city but several other states as well. “This is happening very frequently. Have made so many posts about it,” commented an ‘X’ user. This is horrendous, not shocking but @DelhiPolice and @DCPWestDelhi should intervene into these hotspots which are very conveniently looting people and still continue to Target many.”

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