Derrick Morgan Files Defamation Lawsuit Against Daughter Queen Ifrica for Rape Allegations

Following the damning allegations of sexual abuse, Derrick Morgan, father of Ventrice “Queen Ifrica” Morgan, has hired attorney-at-law Charles Ganga-Singh to file a defamation lawsuit against his daughter.

In August of 2023, Queen Ifrica went Live on social media and accused her father of rape. According to details shared, the incident occurred at her father’s home and it was through this experience, that her popular single, “Daddy,” was brought forth.

However, this allegation has been strongly refuted by the accused, who has publicly tackled his daughter about the claims made. In one such instance, he shared a video of Queen Ifrica with the caption, “Queen I Freak Ya’ you are a disgrace to the Morgan Family. You are a wealth of lies and accusations that is why our lawyers are on the case.”

The Morgan family has rendered their support to the father, namely brothers Merrick and Courtney. They have both accused Queen Ifrica of being mischievous. “We have retained the services of Charles Ganga-Singh to represent the defamation case against Ventrice,” Merrick commented as per reports.

Derrick Morgan is an 84-year-old Jamaican singer who gained popularity in the 1960s and 1970s in the rhythm and blues and ska genres. He has worked with famous artistes in the music such as Bob Marley, and Jimmy Cliff, and is known for songs such as ‘Forward March,’ ‘Don’t Call Me Daddy,’ ‘In My Heart,’ and ‘Be Still,’ among many others.

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