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Developer, Mari Shimazaki, designed Reina from TEKKEN 8

Reina from TEKKEN 8 was designed by Bayonetta character designer, Mari Shimazaki, who also designed Josie Rizal and Kazumi Mishima in TEKKEN 7.

One of the key concepts of the character is “Duality”. She was developed by Bayonetta character designer Mari Shimazaki, who also created Josie for Tekken 7.
This is a completely new character, nicknamed “Purple Lightning”. Her arena is “Secluded Training Ground”, and the total number of playable characters has reached 32.
Taido-ryu Karate, which Reina mainly relies on has dirty moves such as eye rakes, knife-hand strikes and scratching.
-She can access to Sentai style/stance to close the gap and rush down opponents.
-She also has Unsoku style/stance, which deliver heavy blows with agile footwork — speed and aggression is the cornerstone for this style.
-Of course, she has Mishima-ryu — the iconic WGF and Hellsweep is hers to abuse. She also inherits Heihachi’s Heaven’s Wrath (damage on hit reversal)
Article said her damage at the wall is the best compared to all characters.
-Reina was created with the help of a 4-time Taido World Champion, Tetsuji Nakano.
Reina design was done by Mari Shimazaki, who previously had done characters like Kazumi and Josie in T7. She’s had a hand in character designing in other games such as Bayonetta, Gunslinger Stratos, Okami, Soulcalibur V and more.

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