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Domestic abuse survivor shares warning signs after boyfriend secretly filmed them having s3x

Domestic abuse survivor shares warning signs after boyfriend secretly filmed them having s3x

A 31-year-old woman, Jessica Smith has shared her story after her 27-year-old ex-boyfriend assaulted her, busted her lip, broke her arm and sent a video of them having sex to her mum.

The lady from Hull, East Yorkshire, said Dillan Billany “ruined” her life after he launched a campaign of abuse just three months into their relationship. She said she couldn’t face her mum, Tracey, 49, for weeks after the thug sent her the recording which she didn’t know existed.

Dillian was jailed in August this year after he pleaded guilty to disclosure of a private sexual film with intent to cause distress, assault by beating, inflicting grievous bodily harm and theft.

Jessica revealed that they met in February last year and he was initially “charming”. But things suddenly took a turn for the worse after an argument one night. He poured water over her before dragging her to the floor and kicking her. She said;

“I was in agony. The next morning when I confronted him, he said he couldn’t remember what had happened. I just hoped it was a one-off.”

In time, Billany ordered Jessica to delete her social media and began isolating her from her family and friends. She also recalled how he turned up at her house drunk and insisted he check her phone. When she refused, he pinned her to the bed, pushed his thumbs into her eyes and pressed his fingers hard into her neck.

Jessica said “I thought I was going to die. Afterwards, Dillan said it was my fault.”

Whenever Jessica’s friends questioned her bruises, she claimed she’d fallen on a night out. Then, in September 2022, during an argument, Billany punched Jessica in the face, busting her lip open. Jessica waited for him to fall asleep, before leaving and calling a taxi home. She added:

“The next day, he apologised. I felt like I couldn’t live without him, so decided to give him another chance.”

The abuse continued until her mother noticed an odd change. Jessica said;

“I told her everything. She was so shocked and urged me to report him to the police. A couple of days later, I was on the phone to her when she suddenly screamed. She told me Dillan had sent her a video of us having sex. I had no idea he’d filmed me. I was mortified.”

Afterwards, Billany called Jessica to apologise, but she ended things. For weeks, too embarrassed, she couldn’t face her mum. In February this year, Jessica bumped into Billany. She says:

“He said he didn’t want to end on bad terms and asked if I wanted to go for a drink. I agreed, only to convince him to delete the video.”

At the bar, she begged him to delete it, but he refused. Jessica left and Billany followed her, before kicking her in the leg and spitting in her face. That night, Jessica reported him to the police and gave a statement. But in March 2023, Jessica received a message from Billany, telling her he wanted to sort things out.

She said;

“I was desperate to delete the video, so I agreed. That day, we met in a pub, where I knew there would be lots of people. But Dillan started accusing me of being with other men.”

He stormed out of the pub and Jessica left for home. Moments later, he ran towards her, before grabbing her right arm and twisting it up her back. He then pushed her onto the floor and yanked her arm back. Jessica continued:

“I’d never felt pain so intense. I felt like I was going to pass out. Dillan took my phone and house keys from my bag and ran off.”

Emergency services arrived and rushed Jessica to Hull Royal Infirmary. There, she had an X-ray, which showed her arm was broken. Next morning, Jessica underwent a three-hour operation where surgeons inserted 12 bolts, three wires and 37 staples into her arm.

She spent five days recovering in hospital. Jessica said:

“I was terrified of going home, so when I was discharged, I moved in with a friend. It was my dominant arm that was broken, so I couldn’t do anything for myself like shower and get dressed.”

Billany was arrested and pleaded guilty to the offences. In August, he was sentenced to three years in prison at Hull Crown Court.

Jessica said:

“It’s no amount of time compared to the pain he inflicted upon me. Now, I’m left with a nasty scar and can’t do the things I used to love, like swimming. Dillan ruined my life. I always thought he’d change, but he never did. I want to encourage other survivors to find the courage to leave as soon as they become controlling. But I’m a survivor and I want him to know that he doesn’t scare me anymore.”

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