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Drunk woman jumps out of Disney ride and causes chaos with screaming children

Things did not go well for a couple of riders at the Walt Disney World Resort after a woman decided to jump out of the ride and create chaos.

Disney World is known to create some magical memories but things turned out to be different for a couple of ride-goers in contact with a woman, allegedly ‘drunk’, who jumped off the ride and decided to scream at people.

Recently, a TikTok video that was posted by @shianne_1995 went viral as a woman jumped off the Three Caballeros ride at Disney’s Florida resort.

The ride is supposed to be a gentle one as it takes the visitors to see the sights of Mexico and, occasionally, Donald Duck. However, some people were unable to enjoy it after a woman had allegedly enjoyed a little too much to drink.

Given that the woman was screaming, the ride was not started and people were stranded. Unfortunately, the situation also created chaos at the scene as children began to be scared. Now, with the video going viral, social media users have a lot to say about what went down.

With over two million people viewing the video, it did not take long for the comment section to be filled with the views of others. One user wrote: “This is the most wholesome & relaxing ride in Epcot too and she had to ruin it for everybody.” Another added: “I know who got banned for life.”

“You already know they had Disney security and the police waiting right outside,” read one more comment. “They gotta get rid of alcohol at the park, honestly I don’t get how people believe they need it for a fun time,” suggested one more.

“The reason why there needs to be some kind of system to limit alcohol to only serve so many drinks,” said another. “What was the meaning of this drama,” a user questioned. “Risking it all for THIS ride?! Ridiculous,” read one more comment.

Yes, the woman managed to leave the ride and did not need any assistance. However, in the video, one can hear the security warning her to get out.

It is quite possible she decided to show herself out before things got a bit messy. At the moment, it is unclear if any other action was taken.

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