Ed Broadbent Obituary, Who Is Ed Broadbent? At 88 Years Old When He Died!

John Edward Broadbent was an esteemed political figure and academic. Born March 21 1936 to Percy Broadbent (an auto worker for General Motors) and Mary Welsh (a homemaker), Ed quickly developed an avid interest in politics and academia from an early age, ultimately earning himself a BA degree from University of Toronto’s Philosophy department before continuing postgraduate study at London School of Economics and Political Science before receiving his doctorate of political sciences degree at U of T in 1966.

What Were Ed Broadbent’s Key Political Achieves?

Ed Broadbent made significant political achievements and contributions during his political career. First elected to represent Oshawa-Whitby for seven years as part of the New Democratic Party of Canada (NDP), Ed became NDP Leader from 1975 – 1989 – advocating on their behalf for social justice and equality as leader and tirelessly working toward these ends during that period.

As president of the International Centre for Human Rights and Democratic Development (Rights and Democracy), Ed made an unfaltering commitment to public service before returning to Parliament as MP for Ottawa Centre in 2004.

How Did Ed Broadbent Influence Canadian Politics?

Ed Broadbent had an enormous effect on Canadian politics that went far beyond his legislative efforts. As an advocate of “politics of joy”, Ed advocated for living an enjoyable and purposeful life filled with music, movies, barbecues, time outdoors and spending quality time with family and friends – an approach which underscored its value in creating balanced and fulfilling lives for Canadians as whole. His politics was informed by this philosophy of life balance while stressing balanced fulfillment over success as key values in his political platform as he advocated “politics of joy”.

In 2011, Broadbent founded and became involved with The Broadbent Institute as both founder and board member. Through this institution he continued shaping political thought and policy while inspiring a new generation of leaders who upheld his ideals of justice and equality.

Ed Broadbent leaves behind an outstanding legacy marked by his commitment to social justice and influence on Canadian politics. For seven decades – during a career spanning 70 years – his relentless advocacy on behalf of underprivileged populations was highlighted with dedication towards human rights advancement. Today the Broadbent Institute stands as an embodiment of his lasting impact, continuing his work by advocating progressive policies and social democracy in Canada and around the globe.

His personal life was as vibrant as his professional one; he is survived by Frances Abele, Paul and Christine Wood, four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren; four of his former spouses Ellen Meiksins Wood and Lucille Broadbent were predeceased, yet Yvonne Yamaoka remains his ex-wife and is part of his legacy.

How Can Ed Broadbent Be Remembered and Honored?

A state funeral to commemorate Honourable John Edward Broadbent will take place at 4 pm on January 28, 2024 at Carleton Dominion-Chalmers Centre in Ottawa and broadcast live by CBC/Radio-Canada television and web streaming platforms so all Canadians may pay their respects to an outstanding Canadian who dedicated his life and his talents for Canada and its people.

Ed’s family have asked that in lieu of sending flowers, donations be made in his memory to organizations like Broadbent Institute, Amnesty International and Doctors Without Borders as an expression of his lifelong dedication to humanitarian causes. Additionally, Canada has opened an online book of condolences until January 29, 2024 for anyone wanting to express their condolences and share memories about a man who was both an influential political leader but also an invaluable friend, family member, mentor and colleague.

What Does Ed Broadbent’s Death Mean for Canada?

With Ed Broadbent’s passing comes an end of an era in Canadian politics; his life’s work, marked by dedication to social justice and improvement of lives of Canadians alike, leaves a permanent imprint upon our political landscape – his legacy will serve to guide future politicians and activists who share his commitment for creating more equitable societies.

As Canada mourns one of its esteemed political figures, Ed Broadbent will also be remembered fondly as someone much more. A thinker and teacher with exceptional interpersonal and leadership abilities; Ed was beloved friend to so many. His contributions will always be remembered fondly by Canadians of all walks.

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