Edelweiss CEO Campaigns For Week-Long Festive Break In India; Do You Agree?

Work-life balance is important and Edelweiss Mutual Fund CEO Radhika Gupta is all for it. A day before Diwali, the entrepreneur shared her candid thoughts about inculcating the habit of having a week-long break during the festival of light. She believes it can help people get the much-needed time off to rest, travel and spend quality time with family. Radhika backed her argument noting how Western countries enjoy such long breaks during Christmas and New Year. Additionally, China also celebrates a week-long Lunar New Year off.

In a viral tweet that has been viewed over nine lakh times, Gupta writes, “In all my years living in the West, the holiday season was long and extended. Christmas time off started after the 15th of December and continued through the New Year. In China, Chinese New Year is a long holiday. Unfortunately in India, Diwali holidays are usually 1 or 2 days in corporate offices. In years like this one when Diwali falls on a weekend, there is one day off. Many of us travel to be with families across the country, sometimes far and wide. While we can take the days off, is there a care for a longer festive break, maybe a week long one, as a country, so we can enjoy the festive season and family time without counting days?”

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Notably, while the Indian government does have a list of mandatory public holidays, the list doesn’t remain identical for all states. This is because different states in India enjoy different public holidays. Though Diwali is celebrated all across the country, no one festival is universal to all states. To top it all, India has a mixed economy. Public sectors do offer the mandatory national holidays but the rules for private firms remain fluctuating on individual terms.

Now, a barrage of social media users have different opinions on the matter, a user commented, “While I agree but Indians scattered over several states prioritize different religions like the Rath Yatra, Chatt, Durga Pooja, different festivities for the southerners and Uttarayan etc – it is going to be very difficult to streamline festivals in India like that in Europe/US.”

Another suggested to the Edelweiss CEO, “You can start with your organization, propose it to your board. We have already implemented it in our company.”

A user added, “In a country as diverse as ours, one feasible solution is 1) Make all festivals days floating holidays (As in a person can choose which day they want to avail to a limit of 5). 2) Allow 10 days per year as festival holidays which they can combine with floating & take off.”

Meanwhile, a person noted many local companies already give extended breaks during Diwali, “Many manufacturing firms in Maharashtra & Gujarat give a 3-4 day break for Deepavali, despite adhering to the minimum of 8 public holidays. This is further extended by working on weekly holidays prior to and/or after. It’s all on the management view, the workload & maintenance.”

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