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English Teacher’s ‘Grammatical’ Twist to ‘Just Looking a Wow’ Meme Will Make ‘Ross’ Proud

We’ve all bumped into that grammar guru who’s on a mission to correct everyone, at least once. And, if you’ve been fortunate enough to avoid such an individual, you’ve likely sympathised with the ‘FRIENDS’ characters as they expressed their frustration with Ross for embodying that grammatical archetype. Still, if those references don’t resonate with you, perhaps an English teacher, akin to the one who playfully dissected the famous ‘Just looking a wow’ meme with a grammatical twist, will evoke laughter instead of irritation because let’s admit it, you can’t hate her; she made grammar fun!

This was ‘brought to you’ by none other than Desi Internet’s beloved Neetu Ma’am, the founder and director of KP Campus Pvt. Ltd., who executed this feat in her recent viral reel. She brings her A-game, delivering life lessons in her classic, polished teaching style, “Who wrote this to me ‘So beautiful…so elegant…just looking like a wow’!” She then proceeded to dismantle the viral meme in terms of its parts of speech.

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From critiquing the use of ‘elegant’ and ‘beautiful’ to highlighting the grammatical error in the placement of ‘looking,’ Neetu Ma’am, with her trademark style, joyfully performed her duty, concluding with a lighthearted jab, “You all just want to enjoy the meme but don’t want to understand their part of speech!”

Watch the Viral Video:

The video took the internet by storm, resonating even on the micro-blogging site ‘X,’ delivering a laughter-packed blend of entertainment and education. “Mam has postmortemed the trend,” commented one user. “She took the meme and turned it into a learning opportunity. That’s the hallmark of a good teacher!” applauded another. “Complement ko complicate kar diya,” quipped the third one.

Since being shared, the post has garnered over 15.2 million views on Instagram.

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Grammar never looked so entertaining!

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