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In a heartbreaking incident that has left a family devastated, 16-year-old Evelin Casas-Hernández was found dead near Harney High School in Las Vegas. The circumstances surrounding her death remain unclear, prompting her mother, Fabiola Casas-Hernández, to seek justice for her daughter. This article delves into the details of the case, shedding light on the investigation, the family’s plea for information, and a fundraising effort initiated by Evelin’s mother on GoFundMe.

Evelin’s lifeless body was discovered on a softball field near Harney High School on Tuesday morning. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has taken charge of the investigation, with the cause and manner of death yet to be determined, as stated by a Clark County spokesman. The victim’s mother, Fabiola Casas-Hernández, expressed her anguish, revealing that Evelin had bruises on her body, particularly in the brain, which she believes led to her daughter’s tragic demise.

The circumstances leading to Evelin’s presence near Harney High School remain unclear. Her mother mentioned that Evelin had previously attended a different Las Vegas high school near Sahara Avenue and Hollywood. The lack of information about why she was near Harney High School adds another layer of mystery to the case.

Fabiola Casas-Hernández, desperate for answers, highlighted the uncertainty surrounding Evelin’s death. She revealed that the police had not provided any information, leaving the family in the dark about the actual cause of Evelin’s demise. Fabiola emphasized Evelin’s qualities, describing her as a loving, caring, hardworking, and compassionate girl who had been a pillar of support for her over the years. The family’s plea for information has intensified as they seek closure and justice for their beloved daughter.

In the midst of this tragedy, Evelin’s mother, Fabiola Casas, has launched a GoFundMe campaign titled “Donate in Memory of Evelin Casas.” In a heartfelt message, she shared the pain of losing her only daughter and the challenges they face in the absence of information from the authorities. The fundraiser aims to assist the family with financial burdens during this difficult time. As of now, the campaign has raised $13,621 USD, nearing its $15,000 target, with 464 donations from compassionate individuals who want to help the grieving family.

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In remembrance of Evelin, the family plans to hold a candlelight vigil near the location where her body was discovered. This gesture symbolizes the community’s solidarity and support for the grieving family, providing them with a space to share their sorrow and commemorate the life of the young girl who left a lasting impact on those around her.

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