Find out how different you and your partner are with new coloring trend on TikTok

TikTok users are flexing their artistic skills under the pretext of the viral Coloring Book trend, and the results are so wholesome that you can’t stop smiling.

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Coloured Felt-Tip Pens on Orange color Background
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You need to download the My Coloring Book Free app to do the trend on TikTok. At the time of writing, it is only available on the Apple Store.

Once you have it instaled on your device, do the below:

  1. Open the My Coloring Book Free app.
  2. Select the design you want to digitally color from the options on the top.
  3. The other participant must fill in the same coloring page on their app.
  4. You can select more than one page if you want your video to have multiple images to compare.
  5. When the pages are colored, take screenshots of them individually.
  6. Place the identical pages next to each other using any video editing software with your names on them – one sheet colored by you and the other by your partner/friend and alternate them similarly if there are more.
  7. TikTok users can use CapCut for the trend.
  8. You can show the final adorable video to your followers by sharing it in your feed.

TikTok users are in love with the fun trend. Most of the participants are either friends or romantic partners, comparing each other’s tastes in colors and different perspectives of the same art.

For instance, to see your husband or boyfriend go with a purple shade when you choose beige for a pillow or a blanket in digital art is not only fun but also gives you a glimpse of your loved one’s imagination.

Reacting to the trend, one said: “This is the first one I’ve seen where the bf isn’t color blind. lmao!”

“This app made me realize me and my besties look at things so differently,” said another.

A third user commented: “I want to do this trend so badly but I don’t have an iPhone.”

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