Fire in Hyderabad’s Gated Community After Family Left Geyser Turned On, Video is Now Viral

Diwali festivities turned into a nightmare at Hyderabad’s Aparna Sarovar Zenith, located in Nallagandla. It happened when a short circuit sparked a fire, resulting in the destruction of two rooms. No casualties have been reported as of now. It happened when a family went out for Diwali shopping, inadvertently leaving the geyser turned on. With the society drawing additional power for festive activities, a short circuit occurred. This resulted in the complete destruction of two rooms.

A video of the incident is now doing rounds on social media. “You could live in a luxurious gated community but you still have to follow the basics. Family switched on the geyser & stepped out for #Diwali shopping. 2 rooms gutted due to short circuit as entire society was drawing extra power for the festival bash. Aparna, Nallagandla,” wrote an ‘X’ user while uploading the video.

Here, have a look for yourself:

Since being uploaded, the video has gathered over 647K views. “These must’ve been old rusty faulty water geysers. Modern geysers have automatic cut-off systems,” commented an ‘X’ user. Another person wrote, “Switching on the geyser and going out for shopping are definitely not the actual reasons for this mishap. ELCB/RCCB should have tripped in case of an earth fault. MCB should have tripped over current. Aparna should do an RCA to find out the root cause.”

“They just went out and came back hours later maybe, not like they have gone for a tour. Nice defending the contractors for cheap or faulty wirings and connections. Find the root cause instead of blaming or telling others how to live,” wrote another user.

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