Friend of Mohbad accuses late singer’s wife of being recorded while sleeping with his manager

Late Nigerian up-and-coming singer Mohbad’s spouse, Omowunmi, is once again making headlines amid allegations made by a close friend of her late husband regarding her involvement with his manager.

During an interview with Very Dark Man, Micee, a friend of the deceased, claimed that Omawunmi was involved in a same-sex relationship and was having an affair with the late singer’s female manager.

Micee further alleged that Mohbad was aware of the affair, as he possessed videos of them engaged in intimate acts, which were boldly sent to him by his manager.

Micee refrained from disclosing specific names, citing concerns of concealment and fear.

According to Micee,“Mohbad went to Marlian’s house; he and his manager, Tunde had an argument when he told Mohbad, ‘I am not the type that is controlled by his wife.’ They are trying to hide stuff, I don’t want to mention names. There’s one of their associates, an old manager, he said Mohbad had videos and showed them; the manager would send video of her having stuff with his wife”.

These allegations emerge just days after Micee took to Instagram Live to express his grievances over the mistreatment Mohbad allegedly endured at the hands of his wife, whom he accused of exerting control over him.

One Ladyque wrote, “So he knew Wunmi was unfaithful and kept all his landed properties with her? God abeg o

One Wendy Adanma wrote, “Omoooo!! Wunmi no fit sleep this period with two eyes closed. Ogin di?

One DJ Reeves UK wrote, “Your son told you that Wunmi used to put sleeping pills in his noodles and she would go and sleep with a signee in another room in the same house they were living and what did you do about it as a father when you were told?

One Ilechukwu Victoria wrote, “That his wife is a betrayal. She really needs to be questioned. She contributed to the death of Mohbad

One Sandra Love wrote, “The man will say anything to collect Mohbad’s property

One Rebe Cabla wrote, “Na property be this man problem I swear

One Lenata Naso wrote, “This man no want justice for him son. He’s just after the property”.

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