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Girl finally peels her own orange in tear-jerking story about life after a breakup

A tear-jerking story containing the line ‘I peeled my orange today’ has gone viral on TikTok and it’s making everyone cry.

The viral text conversation was uploaded by an account called Things I Can’t Send and delves into life after an emotional breakup.

I Peeled My Orange Today text conversation
@things.i.cant.sen TikTok

‘I Peeled My Orange Today’ TikTok story

The TikTok story begins with a girl called Charlotte texting “Hey” to another girl called Em, who is surprised and didn’t expect to see a notification from her.

She then apologises and says “I just wanted to tell you that i got into NYU,” to which Em replies: “That’s amazing… I’m so proud of you.”

You soon realise the two girls used to be lovers as they talk about how Em helped with her application as they watched movies and ate cookies.

Charlotte is still in love with Em, while the latter speaks about how she “loved” and “cared” so much but doesn’t anymore.

You feel the heartbreak between them in every line. However, things get really emotional when Charlotte speaks about peeling oranges.

“I miss when you would peel my oranges for me in the morning,” she says, and her ex asks: “Did you learn how to do it yet?”

“No, I still get juice all over and stab my nails too deep,” she adds, to which Em says: “You’ll figure it out someday.”

Peeling an orange isn’t a metaphor for anything, she’s literally talking about how the girl used to peel the fruit for her as she couldn’t do it.

It shows how hard life can be after a breakup, with simple tasks even seeming impossible as they are no longer in your life.

They talk about love and having to let soulmates go and Em tells Charlotte not to text her again because it’s too painful.

I Peeled My Orange Today text conversation
@things.i.cant.sen TikTok

However, the last slide is a text message from a different day in which Charlotte says: “I peeled my orange today.”

This one line has had TikTok users in tears as it shows the girl’s growth following the breakup and how she is finally moving on.

One person commented: “I peeled my orange today has tear drops on my phone.”

“I peeled my orange really got me,” said another.

A third person added: “I peeled my orange today was my last straw.”

“I peeled my orange today broke me,” someone else wrote.

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