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Grammy-nominated singer is told she will be ‘escorted’ from Delta flight in viral video

A gospel vocalist named Bobbi Storm’s ‘mile-high’ performance aboard a Delta Air Lines airplane is shut down by a flight attendant.

The Grammy-nominated singer was told that she would be ‘escorted’ from a flight after she refused to stop singing to passengers, and the viral video has sparked mixed reactions on social media.

Bobbi Storm made several attempts to put on a show for travelers on board a Delta Air Lines flight until her performance was shut down by a member of the cabin crew.

The Detroit-born vocalist is currently aged 36 and features on the Grammy’s 2024 Best Gospel Album nominee The Maverick Way, by Christian group Maverick City Music. 

An Instagram video, posted on @bobbi_storm’s official account, shows the singer attempting to serenade fellow passengers with her new single.

The footage begins with Storm standing out of her seat and speaking to the attendant, explaining her musical success, before being asked to return to her seat.

Eventually, the Grammy-nominated vocalist came close to being kicked off the flight after continuously ignoring the employee who asked her to stop performing.

Later in the video, the Delta flight attendant asks Bobbi Storm to be quiet, to which the singer asks if she is “going to go to jail” if she doesn’t, adding that she is “doing what the Lord is telling me to do”.

The flight attendant responds by saying: “I’m your flight leader, I need you to follow my instructions. My instructions are for you to answer my question. Are you able to be quiet right now?”

Storm then turns to the other passengers and asks them what they think of the situation, but she receives no response.

Finally, the attendant resorts to threatening Bobbi Storm, telling her: “If you’re not able to follow my instruction, you will not be taking this flight.”

The singer then agrees to stay quiet and once the attendant leaves, she turns around to say that she will sing quietly for the passengers at the back, before breaking into song.

Bobbi Storm also shared the viral clip on TikTok, writing in the caption:

“I’m glad I got to share this moment with people on this flight who embraced me and celebrated with me.”

The viral video has gained more than 49,000 TikTok views along with over 2,000 likes and a comment section filled with mixed reactions.

In the comments of the Instagram video, a user named @bravostalking wrote:

“This is one of the most egotistical things I’ve ever seen. You think because you’re Grammy nominated that rules don’t apply to you and the plane is your stage?”

Another Instagram comment by @tthinkx suggested that the flight attendant was not in the wrong: “That man was doing his job and people on the flight paid to fly in peace.”

Over on TikTok, a comment by @Doug D shared their opinion: “Honestly, I would hate it if you did this lol. I need peace and quiet on the plane. Congrats though.”

@Sony B suggested that “there’s time and place for everything.”

Similarly, a user named @Sonja wrote: “Beautiful voice and congrats to her. But she has to follow rules and was out of line.”

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