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Hamas Gunman Executing Israeli Woman, CCTV Video Footage

A new CCTV footage of Hams gunman left the whole nation shocked. CCTV footage has gone viral on various social media platforms and making people worry. As per the sources, New CCTV footage shows a Hamas gunman executing an Israeli woman. The incident happened on October 7, 2023. The CCTV footage spreads like waves all over the web. A Twitter Israeli page shared a video that was from October 7. Recently, the video of the Hamas gunman and the Israeli woman is on the top of the social media headlines and circulating over the web. Let’s delve into this in detail.

Hamas Gunman Executing Israeli Woman

As per the sources, CCTV footage was shared by Israel on November 20, 2023. The CCTV footage is painful for many people. An Israeli woman who is shown in the CCTV footage begs for her life. She was attacked by the Hams gunman on October 7, 2023. The horrific incident took place at the Nova Music Festival on October 7, 2023. The woman was trying to escape from the Hamas gunpoint but unfortunately, she was killed by the Hamas gunman. There are many people are looking in the video who were trying to escape from the Hamas gunman. The war is described as between good and evil. Swipe up the page.

A normal day turned into a massacre on October 7, 2023, for the whole Israeli people. A CCTV Footage which was shared by Israel, shows people running and trying to escape a festival near the border from the Hamas gunman. The CCTV footage captured a horrific and heartbreaking moment when a young woman shot by a Hamas gunman who was tried to escape from the outdoor music festival. The video shows that a Hamas gunman is following the Israeli people from an outdoor music festival. The woman was shot dead at point-blank range by the Hamas gunman. Swipe up the page.

The viral CCTV footage is almost 8 seconds long. The Israeli foreign ministry showed concern about this incident. Further, the victim was attending the festivalgoers near the border. Moreover, the identification of the young who was shot by the Hamas gunman is unknown. The video further shows that the Hamas gunman was firing at people without stopping. We can estimate the condition of the victims by a cloud of dust. The terrible incident happened near Kibbutz Alumim. As we know many people died and many were kidnapped by the Hamas terrorists. If we get any other information we will update you on the same site.

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