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Heartwrenching poem penned by loving daughters on TikTok will make you miss your mom

The new addition to the Somewhere Between Then and Now poem series on TikTok called ‘I Understand Now Mom’ is a real tear-jerker and we suggest grabbing a tissue before reading it.

The Somewhere Between Then and Now trend on TikTok has given us numerous touching poems about love, loss, pain, pleasure, and more. But the latest one dedicated to a loving mother and her complicated relationship with a rebellious child who has now attained the realization is something else!

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As the title ‘Somewhere Between Then and Now’ suggests, the poem is penned by a daughter to her mother, with whom her relationship has bloomed beautifully over the years.

It is common for teenagers to rebel against their mothers when the latter share words of wisdom that are well-meant. However, the children will only realize its value when they are faced with challenges as adults.

The poem shared by TikTok users comes across more like an apology for past actions and decisions that could have possibly hurt their mothers as it talks about the differences the mother-daughter duo once shared.

The trend sparked by the viral poem sees social media users posting throwback pictures with their moms while the voiceover in the background reads out Somewhere Between Then and Now Mom.

Whereas, some users have dedicated the heartwrenching poem to their mothers who have passed away, trying to relive the bittersweet memories.

Regardless of the reason, the poem has gained popularity as a form of expression and several mothers have taken to the platform to share their emotions after listening to the beautiful piece.

The poem dedicated by TikTok users to their mothers reads as below:

“Somewhere between then and now, it went from ‘Mom, stop telling me what to do.

To ‘Mom please tell me what to do.’

Somewhere between then and now, it went from ‘Mom, you don’t understand.’

To ‘Mom, I don’t understand.’

Somewhere between then and now,it went from, ‘Mom stop asking so many questions.’

To ‘Mom, I have so many questions.’

Somewhere between then and now,it went from ‘Mom, leave me alone’

To ‘Mom, never leave me alone’

Somewhere between then and now, I realized the otherhalf of my heart was always the person who created it

in the first place. “

The viral poem has turned TikTok users emotional by bringing back memories of their own mothers. Several of them have opened up about grieving the parents they have lost and others, cherishing what they are left with.

One wrote: “Only when we lose that person then we appreciate the small things”

“This made me tear up,” said another.

A third user shared: “I hate how we don’t realize the little things until we’re too late to be thankful for those exact little things”

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