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Horrifying Face-Off Between Car And Bike Caught On Dashcam

A road accident that showed a car ramming into a two-wheeler was caught on a dashcam. The video shows the car fleeing the scene as the traffic pauses while people rush to help the injured. According to ANI, three people — Kiran, Jasmitha, and Basanth were injured in the accident. The Hulimavu Traffic Police told ANI, “The incident took place near the Kalena Agrahara residential locality after the car driver identified as Abhishek Agarwal lost control of the vehicle and rammed into the two bike-borne riders in the south of Bangalore. The incident was caught on the dash cam of the car. Kiran who was on a bike jumped and fell down after the accident. Jasmitha and Basanth Kumar who were on the other bike were also injured after the car rammed into them.” A case has been registered against the car driver at the Hulimavu Traffic Police Station.

On Monday morning, X user Nabila Jamal shared the footage of the accident and wrote, “Hit & Run Case Caught on Dash Cam. Bengaluru’s Hulimavu, an SUV muscles through slow moving traffic, trampling over 4 bikers before shooting off! No fear of consequences Blr City Police & blr city traffic.”

A person guessed the driver must have been under the influence of alcohol and wrote, “May be driver was drunk to the core and wasn’t aware of what he was doing. A person in his normal senses won’t do this.” Another demanded strict enforcement of laws and mentioned, “Traffic police should start cancelling the registration of drivers. This is a terrible and unfortunate incident. Very inhumane!”

The video also prompted many people to question the issue of road safety in Bengaluru, which is marred by poor road infrastructure and a high disregard for traffic rules.

A person wrote, “This is why it’s not such a good thing to own a 2 wheeler in a big city. You never know what idiots would do. Shell out that extra lach, take a loan and get a 4 wheeler. No matter how small it is, it is safer.If not, just Uber/Ola. Use the metro/bus.” Another remarked, “Not surprised at this. This city is the worst to drive in, commute in. Ridiculous road rules. Basic civic sense lacking in these idiots. Most of them!”

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