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How Did Matan Meir Die? ‘Fauda’ Crew Member’s Death While Fighting For Israel in Gaza

As the Israel-Gaza conflict continues to rage, more and more people are losing their lives. One of the latest to pass away is a crew member from the popular Netflix series Fauda called Matan. According to reports, Matan was killed in an explosion in a tunnel that was full of booby traps. People have been asking a lot of questions since the news broke about Matan, like who he was, what kind of work he did, and why he was killed. We’ll do our best to answer those questions and give you as much info as we can about him.

How Did Matan Meir Die

The cast of “Fauda” on Netflix has lost one of its members “in action” in Gaza, the show’s official social media account reported on Saturday evening. Matan Meir was an ‘essential crew member’ and a reservist for Israel’s 551st Brigade (697th Battalion), the account said. “We are deeply saddened to learn that one of our ‘Fauda’ family members Matan Meir passed away in action in Gaza,’ the account read. “The cast and crew are grieving the loss of Matan, and we extend our sincerest condolences to his family and friends. We hope his soul rests in peace.”

Matan Meir was a 38-year-old Israeli Defense Force (IDF) soldier who tragically passed away on the eve of his fourth season of filming for the television series Fauda. The show, which is based on a true story, follows a West Bank anti-terrorism team run by the IDF. The majority of the cast and crew are Israeli nationals, and many of those who worked on the show have returned to Israel since the beginning of the conflict. One of the producers, Lior Raz (Lior Raz), is a former member of Unit 217, an elite unit of the IDF known for its urban covert operations. Despite Matan’s IMDb page listing him as a “production manager,” it is unclear what role he played in the production of Fauda.

Raz expressed his admiration for Matan, describing him as a man of great kindness and generosity. He added that Matan was always available to him at all times and that he had always told him that it was never too small for him. The series’ lead producer, Liat Benasuly, expressed his admiration for the man, noting that he was a moshavnik who took great joy in life and a producer who only cared about helping and doing for others. Benasulo concluded his statement by wishing Matan a blessing in his passing.

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