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How you can get paid thousands just by watching Christmas movies

If you’ve already started watching Christmas movies this year, why not get paid for it too? Now you can with this dream job that’s willing to pay thousands.

Yes, you read that right. Cable TV is fulfilling the role of Chief of Cheer and is actively seeking applicants now. All the lucky winner has to do is watch 25 Christmas movies in 25 days and try out various subscription services while doing so.

You’ll get paid $2,500 and free subscriptions to seven streaming services, including Netflix, Disney Plus, and Amazon Prime. 

The Grinch
Left: Relaxed woman at the window sill enjoying a movie on the lap top (Getty Images : Martin-dm)

Cable TV appoints the role every year and this year’s applications close on XX.

The Chief of Cheer will be expected to watch 25 seasonal movies in 25 days and provide feedback on each of them. Each movie will need to be ranked on nostalgia, heartwarming storytelling, and holiday cheer.

That’s not all though. The Chief of Cheer will also have to rank the seven different subscription services on how easy they are to use if you had any problems while using the streaming service and if it has a good selection of Christmas movies.

“Be honest in your responses,” asks Cable TV. “We always strive to be as accurate as possible in our research to provide readers like you with the most up-to-date entertainment news and reviews.”

As mentioned, the Chief of Cheer will get $2,500 for the extremely, extremely hard labor you’ll be putting in. 

Chevy Chase In 'Christmas Vacation'
Photo by Warner Brothers/Getty Images

Since the release of Die Hard, what actually makes a movie count as a Christmas movie is a polarizing debate. Does a film happening to be set in December count? Does the soundtrack have to include at least one Christmas song? Does it have to snow?

Cable TV says its classing of a Christmas movie is broad and last year’s winner even included Eight Crazy Nights in their Christmas marathon. Die Hard is even included in the company’s list of example movies, along with Bridget Jones and Frozen. (If there’s a Christmas tree in at least one scene, it’s probably okay – but don’t take our word for it.)

Young couple watching tv at home at Christmas
Young multiracial couple watching a movie in the living room at night during cozy Christmas holidays.

To apply for the dream job as a Chief of Cheer, simply apply online here.

The winner will need to be over the age of 18 and a citizen of the United States. You’ll also have to convince Cable TV in your application, detailing exactly what makes you the perfect Chief of Cheer.

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