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Husband unearths ‘heartbreaking’ secret about his wife after reading her diary

TikTok users are talking about a story of a man who found out that his wife has been keeping a secret from him for 20 years. The secret is from the time they went on a trip to Italy two decades ago and he learns the truth after reading her personal diary.

The internet is flooded with stories of users’ family drama and relationship troubles. A recent story on TikTok speaks about a man’s dilemma after finding out his wife’s long-buried secret. He is contemplating what he should do next after his seemingly perfect marriage is turned upside down following an explosive revelation.

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It all started after the OP found his wife’s old diary from 20 years ago. The OP is 50 years old and has been with his wife for almost 20 years. He starts by saying “My wife is stunningly beautiful” and that she’s “aged like fine wine.”

He notes how they both loved traveling when they were younger and ended up visiting almost 30 countries together. They later decided to settle down and have kids. However, when the OP was rummaging through some stuff in the garage, he found a diary with a broken lock. He notes that all of his children are grown and he thought the diary belonged to their 20-year-old daughter. Hence he starts reading the diary, assuming he will find her old childhood memories in there.

However, he soon realizes the diary belongs to his wife. As he read more and more pages he realized she had kept a big secret from him for the entirety of their marriage. She wrote about the time they visited Italy. The OP recalled they were 23 and 24 at the time. He also remembered that he got food poisoning when they were there. While he was sick, he insisted his wife go out and explore the area on her own so her trip wasn’t ruined. However, after reading her diary he found out that she ended up sleeping with some rich Italian local one night.

The OP notes that his heart sank when he read that and he hoped it was a fictional creative writing exercise she was doing. However, she went on to detail her experience with the Italian man that night. She also wrote pages and pages about the guilt she felt after she had cheated on the OP. She explains in the diary that she didn’t tell the OP as he was in a weak state.

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The OP was dealing with a lot of emotions and decided to stay over at a buddy’s house. The next day he called out of work and went back to his house, waiting for his wife to return from work. As soon as she got in he asked her to speak with her in their room. The OP notes that their marriage had been “flawless” until this point, hence his wife found it strange that he was acting so serious.

The OP simply asked her if she had ever hidden anything from her in their marriage. He told her that he loved her and would trust her to always tell him the truth. She immediately broke down crying and told him about the Italian man. She promised that it was the only time she had cheated on him. The wife kept apologizing and crying. However, after she went to sleep that night, the OP went into the garage and read more of her diary.

There was another shocking revelation. The OP finds out that the Italian man she had slept with contacted her once they were back in America. The OP was upset to learn she had exchanged contact information with her.

He finds out the two had hooked up one more time when he was visiting the USA. The OP thought back and realized he was away on a business trip at that time. The OP now wishes he had never read the diary and is confused about what he should do now.

Many TikTok users urged the OP to get a paternity test, suspecting one of the kids could be from the Italian man. Others urged him to file for divorce. However, a few urged them to go to couples’ counseling and to forgive his wife because they had a good marriage all these years.

Some also noted that the OP may end up regretting if he got a divorce.

“The lying about not doing it again definitely puts it over the edge for me. He should definitely divorce,” said one user.

“Yea, paternity tests and divorce. I would never be able to trust anything she says ever again. Don’t want to live like prisoners,” said a second man.

“Their marriage was good. it was a long time ago. It’s hard, but let it go,” said a third TikToker.

Another user suggested a trial separation saying, “Trial separation is a must! 50 is still young to discover another chapter of your life. Find yourself and be happy.”

A fifth user said, “This is so heartbreaking.”

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