Imlie 9th November 2023 Written Episode Update

And since the public is looking up information about Imlie online, we are returning with the written update. The episode begins today when Amrit finds Imlie and treats her badly. Imlie begs him to release her. Amrit grips her hand tightly and won’t let go. Agastya approaches Amrit after noticing him. Imlie escapes from the scene after Amrit leaves her. What is he doing here, Agastya says, thinking he should give Sonali some time. Saying “Why not,” Amrit moves towards Sonali. Tearfully, Imlie dashes into her room and shuts the door. Agastya appears overly anxious, so Noyonika suggests they go on a picnic to help him unwind. She is cautioned to respect Agastya’s boundaries.

Sunita, the wife of Chintamani, initiates the drama by accusing Noyonika of having an abortion before marriage and claiming that Agastya is her kid. Annapurna cautions her to watch what she says. Kids from there, Agastya informs Sunita, may not worry about her daughter since he respects girls. According to Sunita, he ought to have spared Noyonika and taught the same lesson about her. Agastya is asked to speak by Annapurna. Agastya denies being the father of Noyonika’s child and says he postponed the wedding after finding out about Noyonika’s abortion shortly before it was scheduled. Agastya is defended by Rajni and Annapurna. Noyonika considers embarrassing Agastya by making public the divorce documents he and Imlie signed.

Imlie 9th November 2023

Subsequently, Sunita kills Noyonika. Mr Johri taunts Annapurna after she confronts Noyonika for keeping them in the dark. When Johri and his spouse enter, they inform Annapurna that Agastya acted improperly with Noyonika. Noyonika is mistaken, claims Rajni. Sunita is still defaming Noyonika’s character. Noyonika’s lover is also equally guilty for her condition and for getting her into problems, so Imlie stands up for her and says that while they are criticizing her, they should also find out who he is, where he is now, and why he betrayed Noyonika. She queries why questions are limited to women. Daadi claims that Imlie made her think, not changed the way she thought.


She hugs Noyonika and expresses her regret for interrogating her without knowing how she was feeling. Manno, Rajni, Imlie, and Jugnu all support Dawat basmati rice. Rajni is informed by Daadi that Imlie altered her perspective. As Imlie enters, she claims that Sonali is being blamed for the actions of a woman, but they should realize that anyone may do anything they don’t want to do. She and Noyonika talk about how the woman is viewed as a problem and is held responsible for everything, even when it is not their fault. As Sonali enters, she declares that they will have trouble once they discover Agastya’s reality.

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