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Influencer references a ‘school shooting’ to help promote skincare brand

Social media users were left stunned after an influencer decided to use a school shooting as a context to promote a skincare ad. Seeing the backlash online, she was quick to come forward and apologize to the people.

Social media influencer, Cecilee Max-Brown had taken to TikTok to post an ad about skincare during Mental Health Awareness Month. The video begins with Cecilee trying on various products with a voiceover that narrates: “Life has thrown countless obstacles at me this year, from a school shooting to having no idea what life is going to look like after college.”

“In Support of Mental Health Awareness Month, I’m partnering with Bioré Skincare to strip away the stigma of anxiety. We want you to get it all out, not only what’s in your pores but most importantly what’s on your mind too,” it continues.

As the ad progressed, Cecilee further recalled the tragic incident and how it changed her life. It did not take long for the video to go viral. However, it led to social media backlash rather than appreciation.

While Cecilee has deleted the video from her platform, the clip is still circulating on other social media platforms like Twitter. It also did not stop others from reacting to it with one writing: “This actually made me sick to my stomach.”

Another wrote: “This kind of use of woke concepts and ideas for advertisement while also utilising being part of a school shooting as the main pull is demonic, no other way to describe it.” “Is it satire? please tell me it’s satire,” said one more. “Was she trying to be funny? Because it isn’t,” read one more comment.

“This is the most satire-ish real commercial ever,” thought another. “This has done a considerable amount of damage to my mental health,” said one more.

As per reports, Cecilee, who was a student at Michigan State University when a mass shooting took place on campus, came forward and issued an apology for her clip on TikTok.

She said at that time: “I am so sorry about this partnership video. This was strictly meant to spread awareness about the struggles that I have had with anxiety since our school shooting. This partnership was not intending to come off as the product fixing the struggles I’ve [had] since this event. Rather, partnering with a brand to spread awareness of what me and so many other students have been dealing with.”

Later, the brand, Bioré, also apologized for the content and promised to do better.

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