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Internet In Love With Dog’s Alertness To Protect Toddler From Falling Down The Stairs

Dogs are considered ‘man’s best friend’ for their loyal and friendly nature. They are also known to be very protective towards their caretakers and toddlers. Now a video that displays this caring instinct of a dog is raking in likes. The undated video shows a dog lying next to a baby on the floor. At some point, the baby starts crawling outside the room. It appears that there are stairs outside the room’s door. This prompts the dog to lie in front of the door. The dog then starts gently poking at the baby and tries to push it to the other director.

At one point the dog tries to pick the baby up with its mouth, like dogs usually pick up their puppies, but gives up this technique. The dog makes sure that the baby stays away from the staircase. In the end, the baby sits on the floor and starts playing with the dog who keeps sitting at the doorway.

This undated video was posted on the subreddit r/AnimalsBeingBros. It has gathered over 52,000 upvotes. The video prompted many people to share similar instances where their dogs watched over them or their kids and protected them from harm’ way.

Good dog keeping baby safe byu/uchman365 inAnimalsBeingBros

A Reddit user recalled, “My parents had a Collie when I was born. We lived in the country, so traffic wasn’t always the safest speed. We had a fence, and my mom would garden out front and let me crawl around. If I started towards the gate the dog would go lay against it. They said he used to watch me like a hawk. There was an interesting story about how they got him, but, besides instinct, his hard early life made him gentle and protective.”

Another wrote, “My childhood collie Riley was the best dog we could have ever hoped for. He loved my sister and I like we were his own. The very first time we took him to the beach, six-year-old me ran excitedly toward the ocean – and little Riley, still a puppy himself, grabbed the back of my jeans and said “NOPE! I don’t know what that big thing is but you are NOT going in it!” As soon as he got to check it out for himself, he was fine. He loved the beach. He protected us many times, and gave us many years of love. I miss him terribly.”

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