Jamaica on Alert for Adverse Weather Conditions for the Upcoming Week

As the hurricane season comes to an end, Jamaicans are advised to brace for adverse weather conditions in the upcoming week as weather reports indicate that a tropical storm or hurricane may develop in the Caribbean over the next 7 days.

According to meteorologist Brian Shields, there is a 30% chance of rain in Jamaica on Sunday, while 40% on Monday. He forecasted that by Thursday, there is a high chance for the island to be impacted by the inclement weather.

Additionally, Weather Jamaica issued a Code Orange warning, advising Jamaicans to be on the alert as it is moving in the northeastward direction.

The key colour indicators indicate the range of probabilities for cyclone formation, namely:

  1. Yellow: Less than 40% chance of formation
  2. Orange: 40-60% chance of formation
  3. Red: Greater than 60% chance of formation

The next name on the 2023 storm list is Vince followed by Whitney.

Hurricane season in Jamaica typically runs from June 1st to November 30 each year.

Watch the full weather report by meteorologist Brian Shields below:

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