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Kamangyan’s Viral Shampoo issue Video Sparks Controversy on Twitter, Reddit

We live in a digital world where the internet or social media holds great power. With that said, Kamangyan’s, a Filipino YouTuber’s, shampoo video is currently trending, especially on Twitter, and Reddit. What happened was someone added new insights or experiences in a viral shampoo video that caused a stir in the media. Here, we will be diving into the story and find out what the fuss is all about. Keep on scrolling.

Kamangyan’s viral shampoo stirs controversy on the internet

The narrative changed significantly when Mercedes Lasac’s ‘Vlog 24’ introduced new elements to the video. She shared many personal thoughts and experiences. According to news reports, famous YouTuber Kamangyan was promoting a product that didn’t offer what the company claimed in their ads. This backfired on her when other influencers kept their thoughts on products in front of the audience.

This has also sparked a debate on how the influencer culture is turning, where the influencers can promote any product for money. Netizen on Twitter has sparked a debate on the impact of social media influencers on today’s youth.

Kamangyan’s viral shampoo stirs controversy on the internet

The situation has brought attention to the broader issue of the power influencers have to manipulate public opinion. According to netizens, the viral shampoo video is an example that shows how far today’s digital influencing culture has come.

Social media exercises significant influence over public opinion. The viral shampoo ad illustrates its ability to alter public perception, influencing purchasing decisions.

Some netizens also highlighted that there is a need for specific regulations to address the evolving influencer culture.

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