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Kartik Aaryan or Surya Kumar Yadav? Internet is Confused After Actor’s Clean Shaven Look Goes Viral

Does clean shaved Kartik Aaryan look like Suryakumar Yadav? One ‘X’ user took to the social media platform and shared a video of the actor from a Diwali bash. In the video, Kartik can be seen all decked up as he is wearing a yellow kurta. In the caption, the user wrote, “Clean shaved Kartik Aaryan is just fairer Surya Kumar Yadav.” Since being uploaded, the post has gone viral and gathered 1 million views.

Now that one person has said it, seems like it is hard for other people to ignore. Many also agree with the statement.

Here, have a look at the post:

Many people also shared memes after the statement. “he looks like current day Akshay Kumar with an aggressively bad “de aging” filter,” commented an ‘X’ user. Another person wrote, “I really thought he is surya kumar yadav.”

“Maybe I am too down in the trenches in cricket but why does he also look like Trent Boult,” commented another person.

Here are a few responses:

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What do you think?

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