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Larry Hovekamp Obituary, Death – Visitation & Funeral Service

Larry Hovekamp Obituary, Death  – A fellow soldier named Larry Hovekamp is a friend of mine. Since we first started holding trivia competitions twenty years ago, we have been holding them on a weekly basis. The amount of information that he possesses on a wide range of topics is tremendous. It is possible for him to draw a map of the world and supply you with the names of all the countries that came before the name that is used today, as well as the names of each country that is currently shown on the map together with its current name.

Additionally, Larry was a very active participant in the political politics of the progressive movement. We were both present at a conversation regarding single-payer healthcare when we first came into contact with one another.
Considering that he did not show up for the trivia game that was held the night before, I joked about the necessity of beating him with a rosary in order to get him to participate.

He would always refer to me as Sister Cherise whenever I would joke with him that I was going to get a ruler after him. I would say that I was going to get rid of him. The reason why I did not get a phone call or a text message that said “I’ll be there” was explained to me today. I was not expecting any of those things. Each and every time, I contacted him to remind him of something.

The fact that he had a great deal of knowledge kept in his files “upstairs” was the reason I attributed his forgetfulness on that. Everything about trivia will never be the same again if he is not around. This dear buddy of mine is going to be greatly missed. shedding an extremely high number of tears in order to go forward. I am thankful to you, Larry, for the friendship that you have shown me. That was a very significant thing.

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