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Little Girl Dancing To Garbage Truck Song ‘Gaadi Wala Aaya’ Is Too Cute To Miss

Every day, we come across multiple viral videos from all around the world. Some can make you feel emotional, others tickle our funny bones. Currently, a sweet video featuring a little girl has captured everyone’s hearts and it has gone viral. The video features the innocent girl joyfully dancing to the tune of Gadi Wala Aaya Ghar Se Kachra Nikal, playing on a garbage truck. Though the exact date and location remain unknown, a person in the comment section suggested the video is from Jammu, where garbage trucks play this tune every morning.

The video opens with the little girl eagerly waiting for the garbage truck with her grandfather outside their house. When the truck arrives, playing the song Gadi wala aaya, the girl becomes excited and starts moving her hands to the music. Her spontaneous dance brings happiness to onlookers and even the truck driver. Towards the end, a woman also joins her. The overlay text in the video reads, “This happens only in India. Learn from kids to dance no matter what music life plays.”

The video has become a viral sensation, as it garnered over 59 lakh views and numerous appreciative comments, since it was shared. Social media users expressed their joy witnessing the little girl enjoying her life with her carefree dance, regardless of the situation.

A user wrote, “Uss bacchi ko dekh ke wahan sabki subah achi ho gayi. (Seeing that girl, everyone’s morning became happy).”

Another mentioned, “She made everyone smile around here with that little happy dance.”

An individual shared, “Me everyday inside my room when gaadi arrives.”

“My brother does the same thing (he is 2 years old),” a comment read.

Another wrote, “Looks so peaceful I don’t know.”

One more added, “Whatever people say, this song has some vibe.”

In a previous adorable viral video, a little boy orchestrated a clever prank on garbage collectors. The 18 seconds footage captures two trash collectors outside a house collecting trash. While one is sitting inside the vehicle, the other collects and throws the trash bags into the truck. However, as he reaches for the last bag, the boy hiding inside a black bin bag jumps out with a scream. The unexpected incident leaves the collector surprised and he can be seen laughing while entering the truck.

The prank video has gone viral on various social media platforms and it has crossed more than 1 million views.

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