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Lucky Taylor Swift fans will get to own Spotify’s exclusive merch inspired by 1989 (TV)

Taylor Swift has rerecorded all the tracks from the original 1989 and added five vault tracks to her new album, which has been met with an overwhelming response. Many believe the singer even references her past romance with Harry Styles in one of the songs.

Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour - Mexico City, Mexico
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Select Swifties who use Spotify have a chance to purchase the exclusive merch – a Gray 1989 (Taylor’s Version) crewneck – inspired by her new album.

The front only displays “1989”, the title of the album, while the complete tracklist is printed on the back of the sweatshirt in tiny blue letters.

The music streaming app has sent out emails or users have been met with a pop-up notifying the exciting deal that’s only available for a limited period.

The email thanks the users for being Swifties, before letting them know that they have access to the Spotify Fans First Gray 1989 (TV) Crewneck only available for “Taylor Swift’s top fans”.

The app doesn’t specify the method used to pick “top fans”, so one could only assume it’s decided based on your listening habit on the app. Your place of residence could also be a reason and in some cases, the email or notifications about the exclusive merch may come in later.

But, a lot of hardcore fans of Taylor who boast an impressive streaming record for her songs haven’t been chosen for the deal, thus leaving them annoyed.

The Fans First 1989 (Taylor’s Version) crewneck is being sold at the price of $64.89, excluding shipping and taxes. As exciting as it is, some fans feel the merch is expensive and they cannot afford it.

The new album-themed sweatshirts are available in limited quantity for a short period – until November 8, 2023 at 3 PM EST or till supplies act.

If you’re interested in buying it, all you need to do is select the “Buy now” option in the email or notification on Spotify’s home page to order. The item will only be shipped after December 15.

On the other hand, fans who haven’t been given the chance to buy the sweatshirt are feeling left out.

“I am extremely offended Spotify never considers me despite having this woman on heavy rotation” said one.

Another added: “It’s cute but $65 .. needs to be half that $ at least if not more. I’d already bought 1989 TV merch so I can’t justify this one.”

The official 1989 merch store does not have the same crewneck sweatshirt, but there are plenty of other options you can choose from. Some even cost the same as the one available on Spotify.

The rest of the items, such as the Seagull Necklace, CD covers, sunglasses, and posters, are available for a much cheaper price, some as low as $12.

The existing musical products include deluxe CDs, vinyl, digital albums, and cassettes. While each of these items features Taylor’s pictures, the clothes, and accessories consist of lyrics from her songs or designs to match the theme of the album.

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