Magali Berdah-Booba Controversy: Viral Video Exudes Shockwaves Among Followers

Magali Berdah is a prominent personality in the public relations and events management industry. A video featuring Magali has taken the internet by storm. Berdah has a good fan following, and a positive reputation among her followers. She is widely popular as the owner of Shauna Events.

After the video went viral, interest in Berdah upsurged. The video has sparked a lot of questions about Magali Berdah and various events and the current situation leading up to. After the video of Magali Berdah went viral, Élie Yaffa, the renowned French rapper who is popularly known as Booba was indicted for cyber harassment against the former.

Magali Berdah is currently present across various online platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Moreover, she has a significant fan base. Her fame, recognition, and popularity are some of the primary reasons why her video gained so much attention. Berdah is currently in the limelight because the video contains accusations against Booba.

Magali Berdah Booba
Image Credit: @magaliberdah/Instagram

As per allegations put forth by Berdah, certain actions undertaken by Booba have had a detrimental impact on her personal reputation and commercial endeavors to which she recently decided to present her views publically. Thus, the video attracted viral traction at an impressive pace.

The video that went viral signifies an important point in the strained relationship prevailing between Booba and Berdah. Thus, it turned into a hot debatable topic. The topic is currently trending, as this Controversy puts light on various aspects of the story.

Booba who was charged with cyber harassment against Berdah was presented before an investigating judge in Paris on October 2, 2023. As per Berdah, she has been targeted since May 2022.

Image Credit: @magaliberdah/Instagram

Berdah and Booba’s dispute kickstarted in 2021 December. Booba criticized Marc Blata, an influencer publically for wearing a luxury counterfeit watch in the photo shoot. Berdah came into the limelight as Booba targeted her frequently. Booba positioned himself as a whistleblower and spearheaded a digital war against influencers and Berdah tagging them as ‘influ-thieves.’

Magali Berdah is the owner of Shauna Events and a French entrepreneur. She belongs to North Africa, specifically Algeria. The video showcasing Magali Berdah presenting herself and her views publically is a surprise to all of those who know her well. Followers get shockwaves unveiling this new side of hers.

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