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Magali Berdah-Booba Viral Video Stirs Online Community

A video involving Magali Berdah has gone viral, causing a stir among her substantial following. Berdah has been thrust into the spotlight due to the content of this video includes serious accusations against French rapper Élie Yaffa.

The controversy began to unfold when the video rapidly spread across the internet, leading to an increase in public interest regarding the ongoing conflict between Berdah and Booba. The video’s widespread circulation marks a lot of moments in their strained relationship and has become a subject of intense debate among netizens.

Berdah has accused Booba of conducting a prolonged campaign of disparagement and destabilization against her, which she claims has negatively affected her personal and professional reputation.

In response to these actions, Berdah has publicly expressed her intention to look for legal recourse, demanding over 30 million euros in damages for what she describes as 17 months of relentless targeting since May 2022.

The origins of the dispute trace back to December 2021 when Booba publicly criticized influencer Marc Blata for sporting a counterfeit luxury watch in a photoshoot. Berdah became a frequent target of Booba’s digital crusade against influencers.

Legal proceedings have already commenced, with Booba being charged with cyber harassment and presented before an investigating judge in Paris on October 2, 2023.

Magali Berdah has garnered a lot of online presence across platforms like YouTube and Instagram, where she enjoys a loyal fan base. The video in question has revealed a new facet of Berdah to her followers, who are accustomed to her positive public persona.

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