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Make you car smell like your favorite Starbucks beverage with cute vent clips

There isn’t a better feeling than being behind the wheel when your car smells like your favorite drink – vent clips shaped like Starbucks cups are the perfect option to make your dream come true.

Starbucks recently wrapped up its Halloween menu and ushered in the holiday season with Christmas-themed drinks and merchandise. Even though the viral vent clips aren’t made by Starbucks, fans are thrilled that they are shaped like the beverages at the coffee house, regardless of the manufacturer.

Two Starbucks fall drinks on pumpkin and leaves background
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The vent clips resembling Starbucks’ beverages can be found on different shopping sites, but they aren’t officially created by the brand or sold in its store or online shop.

TikTok users are decorating their cars with adorable fresheners that come in a range of flavors. They can easily fool anyone for a miniature version of the actual Starbucks drinks.

Each flavor is believed to smell like a real drink and can be given as a present for any occasion. The item has attracted rave reviews from coffee lovers and some of them want to collect all 36 of these!

The clips may not fit all air vents, but you can specify your vehicle type at the time of the checkout to get one that works well for your car’s design.

The air freshener vent clips are available in:

Each air freshener vent clip on Etsy is selling for an average price of $14 after a discount. Some of them come with a free shipping option.

Meanwhile, TikTok users who have bought the vent clips are praising them for the way they’ve been made and the aromas with which they fill your car up.

One said: “Where can I get this? Take my money”

“These are super cute! I want,” said another.

A third person said: “I need this! I mean, who doesn’t?”

“I don’t want to get out of my car,” said another.

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